In marketing, conversion is key. Closing the sale is the final step in a well-crafted sales funnel, but shifting trends and frequent changes in search engines and other online tools can throw even the best marketing campaign off balance. For 2017 and beyond, new, customer-centered strategies to boost conversion rates can help companies of all kinds make more sales and stay competitive.

1. Create a Custom Experience for Each Consumer

The rise of social media as a key component of a company’s SEO strategy, along with other trends such as the surge in mobile use, has created a shift from product-centered marketing to a more customer-focused model. Creating a custom experience for each consumer and engaging with them one-on-one in real time through social media and other tools encourage conversions across demographic groups.

2. Use FOMO to Boost Sales

Nearly everyone has been haunted at some point by FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out – that nagging feeling that something good is passing you by. Exploiting that fear with time-sensitive promotions or one-time-only sales opportunities creates a sense of value that encourages people to buy.

3. Tap the Power of Video

Sites and landing pages that incorporate video can see a dramatic jump in conversion rates – and videos of just about all kinds can help to put a human face on a company and establish a closer relationship with existing and prospective customers. Video content can include tutorials, reviews and a wide range of demonstrations.

4. Create a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Today, almost half of all internet users will access the relevant sites through mobile devices, so making the site, landing pages and shopping cart pages mobile friendly can boost conversions. Pages that fail to display or links that don’t work on mobile devices can cost sales and drive customers away.

5. Stay Accessible with Chat Bots

Customers expect to be able to connect with a company at any time, so automating functions such as frequently asked questions and general sales pages with interactive “chat bots “can help to keep customers engaged with the site and boost conversion rates.

6. Add Eye-Catching Calls to Action

Prominent, visually appealing call-to-action (CTA) buttons can make it easier for customers to click and buy. Use the principles of color psychology to find the best colors for your site and consider animations and styling such as rounded corners and drop shadows to keep your CTAs front and center.

7. Engage Customers with Interactivity

Today’s consumers want to engage with their favorite brands beyond simply making purchases. Surveys, questions, contests and activities like posting ways they use a product can keep them involved with the company and willing to buy.

8. Apply Visual Psychology

Visual psychology – the principles of design that create a visually appealing website or landing page – can help with conversions, too. Inviting, well-designed pages that offer a pleasant user experience encourage visitors to stay on the site.

9. Know Your Visitor’s “Gotta Have It” Point

In today’s crowded marketplace, precise targeting of customers’ needs is a key to improving conversion rates. Knowing exactly what visitors are looking for – the moment of deciding they must have the product – helps to create an environment that triggers a sale.

10. Use Plenty of Landing Pages

An effective company website needs the usual “about” and “home” pages, but including landing pages for individual products and promotions can boost sales by making it easy for visitors to make a purchase immediately.

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing, and to keep pace, marketing plans need to be flexible too. Making changes based on emerging trends and customer expectations can help companies small and large boost conversion rates in 2017 and beyond.

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