A Website Maintenance Plan Delivers Stronger Customer Experiences

Quick Summary: It can sometimes feel like a chore, but a basic website maintenance plan can pay off huge dividends once your site is running faster, and converting leads more efficiently than competitor websites.

There’s a common sentiment for those who like to work on cars: “mods over maintenance!” Nobody likes taking care of the basic chores that keep a machine running smoothly, only the fun new additions to make it faster or perform better. The same feeling often applies to website maintenance.

Like car maintenance, however, a basic website maintenance plan not only keeps your website running smoothly, it also adds to the overall customer experience.

A website that is properly maintained is not only faster, it’s also more efficient at converting website visitors into leads or customers. It’s also easier to track performance when everything works properly, so your marketing teams will thank you as well.

Find out why we use a WordPress website maintenance strategy to keep our client websites up to date and running smoothly.

A Seamless Customer Experience Gives Better First Impressions

First impressions are everything in customer experience, and nothing ruins an impression like something broken on your website. Customers that encounter broken functionality are less likely to convert into customers and much more likely to bounce off the page.

That increase in bounce rate, and reduction in time on page, both signal to search engines like Google that your Page Experience is poor. Websites with a poor experience will likely start dropping in keyword rankings and organic traffic, as Google steers traffic to other websites with a strong experience.

Performance Optimization Depends On Up-to-Date Tools

Another Page Experience signal that relies on proper website maintenance is site speed. Performance Optimization, the act of speeding up your site, relies on an up-to-date website. Websites with outdated plugins or dated website design practices like wonky iframes are more likely to be slow.

If you’re aiming for an evolving website that keeps up with the times, providing an optimized digital experience with interactivity or rich media for example, then your website needs to be running fast and smoothly. Cumulative Layout Shift, when elements on the page move around while loading, will not only cause frustration but will also ding your Core Web Vital scores.

Support Your Team with Proper Website Support

Sure, you can run a business with a website that is put together with sticks and glue, but your teams are going to work twice as hard just to deliver half the work. When you have the right tools and they work as intended, there is no wasted effort. Instead of waiting around for your website to work, a well-maintained website keeps your team focused and productive.

To make sure our teams are running smoothly at all times, we trust WordPress as our content management system exactly because it’s easy to maintain. Plugins are simple to update, so any software integrations are kept running smoothly and the backend is easy to understand so our entire team is capable of making changes to the website.

Put in the Time to Maintain Your Website

Modifications and fun add-ons may be more fun, everyone likes a shiny new toy, but proper maintenance is important––whether you’re working on websites or project cars.

It can sometimes feel like a chore, but a basic website maintenance plan can pay off huge dividends once your site is running faster, and converting leads more efficiently than competitor websites.Plus, a properly maintained website is easier to work with, so your teams will thank you day in and day out if everything is working. Keep your website maintained throughout the year.

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