Digital Experience Optimization is Here to Stay

Quick Summary: SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, and even web design, work best when they're all aligned.

A few times a year, a tweet about the latest Core Algorithm Update from Google sends the entire search engine optimization community into a frenzy.

We all ask the same questions: 

Is this going to impact my website’s traffic or revenue? 

Does it have a broader impact on common larger web design or web development best practices?

The constant evolution of the Google algorithm, both core updates and smaller, ever-present smaller tweaks, is happening faster than a single team can handle. 

It also doesn’t help that data is becoming less available, from Google Ads to cookie data, over changing legislation and increases in online privacy concerns.  

That can only mean one thing –– algorithms are dead. 

Algorithms don’t only send robots to your website, but real people as well. Long live algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization for Real People

Google has been saying the same thing since the very start: focus on your users. Those “users” are just people. Your people. Of course, Google’s algorithm isn’t going anywhere.

Website owners can often get lost in the numbers of their own traffic, wondering how to squeeze out more traffic for the sake of traffic. Some don’t even care if that traffic contains real people. They just want to see those numbers spike. Today.

SEO won’t help you there. In fact, black hat SEO tactics, those sneaky strategies designed to trick or influence the algorithm or people, may do more harm than good.

Instead, focus on the people already coming to your website. If there’s a page that resonates with your users, make another page, or change existing pages, to match. If there’s a piece of content that your users can’t get enough of, then give them more.

Make the Internet a Better Place

Instead of using shortcut tactics based on the latest algorithm or social media platform, using a digital experience optimization strategy for your b2b website can serve as the foundation for long-term growth online, both in audience size and revenue.  

Google has had the same goal, bringing the most helpful, accurate result as soon as possible. Coincidentally, during the last 20 years of 3 Media Web, the development and digital strategist teams come together to create meaningful websites that make the internet a better place for local and family-run businesses.

Those partnerships continue to deepen as we learn more about the individual business, adapt our agency to their needs, and support their long term goals on the internet. As far as we can see, user-focused digital experiences are the future.

Build Connections for the Long Term

Digital experience optimization agencies, trained at leveraging the best technology to solve the most complex problems, know what their clients need.

Often times, short-term website problems or concerns are connected to a technical decision made a long time ago. The right tool is not always the right tool for the job. That’s why it helps to build your business on open-source platforms that change dynamically with the times, like WordPress.

This allows a larger team to work as one to deliver the innovative solution that gets the job done right, the first time, and fixes those deep-seated issues for good. Then business owners can focus on what they need to focus on most: running their business.

We’re Here to Help

SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, and even web design, work best when they’re all aligned. The right strategy leveraged with the right tool can produce incredible results.

3 Media Web is a team of dedicated nerds, obsessed with producing those results. If you need help getting online, growing your business on the internet, or finding the right software to make your business run a little smoother, give us a call.

Is it time to start a project that grows your business online? We’re here to help. Start a project with 3 Media Web today.

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