Do You Want an Edgy Website Design?

An eye-catching website or “edgy website design”  that keeps visitors coming back is essential to the online success of any business. And choosing a website design that stands out from the crowd is a key part of building a brand. Giving your website a makeover with today’s edgy new design trends can help your brand gain new visibility – and a new attitude.

What’s an Edgy Website Design?

“Edgy” used to mean feeling on edge or anxious. But in the world of design, edgy takes on many new meanings – and any or all of them might be appropriate for the look and feel of your website. Edgy might mean innovative and creative, cutting edge or avant-garde, outside the mainstream with a spice of danger thrown in. Edgy can be expressed in many ways, too – from cool minimalism to the rough edges of urban grit. Fonts, colors, and images all play a role in creating an edgy feel in website design. The combinations are virtually endless. Whatever form you choose, here are three reasons to consider making your website edgy – or edgier.

Boost Your Site’s Visibility

One of the challenges of building an online presence for your business is standing out from the competition. Also, it can be hard to establish a unique identity. Edgy site design favors strong, textured backgrounds paired with minimal fonts. The reverse (cool, simple backgrounds and more ornate fonts) works too. Colors can range from dramatic black and white to high contrast, pop art style palettes for a highly visible and memorable look that separates the site from more traditional professional sites.

Edgy site design can cover a range of styles. So finding one that complements a company’s brand and expresses its unique “personality” is essential. A rough graffiti inspired homepage might not be the best advertisement for a bakery specializing in wedding cakes.

Keep Up With Changing Web Trends

Trends in website design continue to evolve. Therefore, styles that were cutting edge a couple of years ago can look stagnant and outdated compared to newer, more dynamic designs. The look and feel of a site affect a user’s experience in many ways. A site that looks tired and out of sync with current web standards may drive them to more appealing sites run by competitors.

Edgy design trends give websites a polished, sophisticated look. Additionally, this sets them apart from more mainstream sites that cling to a traditional, predictable style that may be functional, but not engaging.

Meet the Challenge of Mobile

Mobile traffic now accounts for a continually growing share of online commerce. And online commerce is mostly driven by younger, digitally savvy users. Today’s edgy, vibrant site designs are made with mobile in mind. Therefore, they maintain the same look and feel across all platforms. That helps capture visitors’ attention and keep them engaged in ways that older, more static site designs might not. Edgy style appeals to “digital natives” – users who grew up in the constantly changing online world, where millions of new things constantly compete for relevance.

Although opting for edgy design may not be appropriate for every brand, remodeling your website for an edgier look can really help. It can refresh your brand and boost visibility. An edgy look can also attract the attention of those sick of the traditional style. Whatever style you choose, making your website edgy might give your company the competitive edge.

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