How Web Hosting and Support Partners Make Life Easier

Quick Summary: Rather than letting your website gather dust, waiting for months or years between redesigns, a web hosting and support team can keep your website running smoothly.

When something breaks on your website, how long does it stay broken? Better yet, do your teams even have the time to notice that something is broken on the website, let alone fix it? Web hosting and support partners take the worry out of your work schedule.

Instead of letting your business website gather dust during the long periods between redesigns, a web hosting and support team can keep your online foundation up to date and running smoothly.

Give your digital experience platform a little help, and take the pressure off your internal teams with an external team of experts in web hosting and support.

Provide Support to Your Tired Technology Stack

Are faster websites always better? Yes. That outdated website you’ve meant to update is likely lacking in the speed department. After Google’s Page Experience Update, that’s one area that needs some focus. Faster websites will not only gain more traffic from search engines like Google, but they’ll also be more efficient at converting website visitors into leads.

Speed aside, the more successful your website and business, the more likely you are to be targeted by bad actors. An up-to-date and properly maintained website is also more secure and less likely to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As technology gets better and better, so do the tools of hackers, so keep your tools as up-to-date as possible. Secure the foundation of your online business ecosystem.

Give Your Stressed-Out Teams Some Help

Those pesky website issues often pile up when there’s not enough time for internal teams to get to them. And unless your teams are well versed in web development tools or web design best practices, they may be making decisions that are harming the performance of your website.

Ease the tension by adding an external team of experts in web hosting and support so your teams can focus on expanding your business. The value of help being only a quick email or phone call away can not be overstated. Issues can be fixed quickly, and experts can be consulted before making larger decisions that might impact site performance.

Optimize Your Entire Digital Experience Platform

The fact is, your website development and marketing teams can no longer work in separate silos. Some changes you make to support your website or fix a problem may also impact the traffic to your website. With a team of outside support and hosting experts, you can better monitor your entire digital experience platform into one cohesive tool.

It’s also useful to keep your website on a constantly evolving website redesign schedule. That way, you reduce those long periods of dust gathering and instead turns your digital experience platform into an experiment that gets better with time. External teams may better keep track of new changes and tests, so your teams can focus on day-to-day business priorities.

Web Hosting and Support Experts Build for Everyone

Most businesses aren’t thinking about website accessibility, but expert web support and hosting teams are always double-checking that new changes are compatible with current web standards.

Some websites have recently found themselves the targets of civil suits for not following accessibility standards. That means not only are you losing out on potential traffic from those with disabilities, but you’re also putting your business at risk for an accessibility lawsuit. A team well-versed in accessibility can provide a website accessibility audit to get you started.

Add Another Team That Supports Your Business

Who doesn’t need more help? There’s never enough time to cross off everything on your to-do list, and the last priority is often your website. The most essential tool to connect your business to customers online could use some more support.
Rather than letting your website gather dust, waiting for months or years between redesigns, a web hosting and support team can keep your website running smoothly all year long. Protect your online business ecosystem with the proper infrastructure for a smoother digital experience.

Looking for a web support and hosting partner of your own? We’re here to help. Reach out to 3 Media Web today to get started. 

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