Practice Website Development That Evolves With the Biology of Your Business

Quick Summary: One way to tell if your website backend or marketing technology stack is working is to ask yourself this: does making even minor tweaks feel like torture or is it a joy?

Every owner wants to grow their business as fast as possible. Who can blame you? There is such a thing as growing too fast, however, which often happens when you don’t take into consideration the will of your customers. That’s when the most common website development best practices go out the window. 

A website that is designed to be flexible, change as your needs change and business grows, is one built for the long term. Rather than ride trends, open-source platforms like WordPress and tools like Hubspot allow businesses to react to the market in real-time.  That’s important for times, like last year, when the pandemic changed the way people used the internet. According to Search Engine Land, “Zero-click Google searches rose to nearly 65% in 2020.”

Ready to keep your business growing online without falling flat? Use these tips below to develop a website that lives and breathes:

Stay in Perfect Symbiosis with Your Customers’ Taste

Companies that have long done business offline, or maybe only have a simple website or Facebook page, are likely experiencing growing pains. It’s time to update your tools. A complete website, one that highlights the strengths and history of your brand, while also providing an opportunity for customers to interact with your business (either through purchasing a product or signing up for your email list) is a necessity. 

Automation tools, like Zapier, as well as those from your CRM tool like Hubspot, can deliver the right message to your customers as they shop or search. That way when one of your target customers performs an action, your system automatically delivers your product or service offering. Other tools, like WordPress plugins, can dynamically change the design of your website to attract the attention of your potential customers.

  • Work in lock-step with your customer demands to match their needs first, not your own.
  • Let customers in on the development process when choosing the look and feel of your branding assets, on platforms like social media. 

Constantly Adapt Your Technology to Your Environment 

Web nerds like us know that the website development technology of today is likely to be obsolete in just a few short years––maybe even faster. That changing technology makes some teams splinter over their chosen tools. With half your team using one system, and the other half choosing another, projects, bugs, and errors are bound to fall through the cracks. 

One way to tell if your website backend or marketing technology stack is working is to ask yourself this: does making even minor tweaks feel like torture or is it a joy to make changes in the backend server?  If you’re hesitating, then it’s probably time for a change. 3 Media Web is not just a web design and digital marketing agency. We’ve also been designing and developing WordPress backend systems for the past 20 years, always using the latest technologies and techniques. 

We’ve built large-scale integrated database applications, private social network platforms, members-only systems, and corporate intranet solutions. If you dream it we can build it to keep your business running efficiently. 

Welcome the Competition in an Evolving Industry

As your website undergoes changes in design from year to year, so will the websites of your competitors. With your entire brand presence just a few clicks away, your competitors know how you’re positioning your brand and can make plans accordingly.

Thankfully, you can do the same. Building your website to display reviews so customers can leave feedback gives you more to work with when making changes to your product offerings. When customers push back against your brand or products, that helps your business evolve and find the right choice that works for everyone. 

  • Try new tools as you see a competitor expanding into a new platform or channel. 
  • If you notice customers leaving your business for another, take a step back. Spend time reviewing the functionality on your website platform: does it actually cater to your customers’ needs? 
  • Develop a system to ask for feedback often, and use that feedback in your marketing, your web development decisions, and strategy planning. 

Don’t Forget the People Behind Your Brand

Technology changes constantly and your teams have to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and website development techniques, but never forget the people involved––both within the company and the customers or clients interacting with it.  Their personalities, tastes, and needs create the nature of your business environment.

You can’t run your business without them, let alone build a website that grows your business. It takes a big team to bring all of those moving parts together and connect the dots. 

Looking for a team to help get your business online the right way? 3 Media Web is here to help.

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