Want an Awesome Website Design? Here’s How to Get Started

Strong SEO can get people to your website, but once they’re there, will they stay? Creating a great website is an art and a science. Awesome website designs use a combination of copy, design and calls to action to keep visitors engaged.

How to make a truly awesome website design.

The Art Of Copy – Designing For Words. The Next Web: “Interface copy is your side of the dialogue between your product and your user, and you should always approach interactions as a conversation. In fact, words are the first dimension of interaction design, followed by visuals, space, time, and behavior. Just like the way you speak in everyday life, your words and how you use them reflect your personality in design. This ‘personality’ of words creates the voice and tone of the design just as much as the images, visual hierarchy, colors, icons, and animations.”

Bye-Bye To These 10 Web Design Trends. MarketingProfs: “As visual media continues to gain importance across the Internet, including websites, expect to see less text and more visual stimulation. Videos are now easier and less expensive to produce, and more websites are including them in their content plans. Web pages are also incorporating more images even as they share their text content. Content, in other words, is becoming more interactive.”

15 Practical Design Tweaks For Your Website In 2015. Forbes: “Typography is what people read, learn from and get the most of your message. It is crucial to pick right typefaces, color and spacing in order to ensure that website works in harmony with all the other elements. According to Information Architects, it is safe to say that if you get typography right you’ve succeeded already as it is the most important aspect of a website.”

5 Ways To Win Back An Abandoned Shopping Cart. Entrepreneur: “Avoid turning users off with complicated checkout systems. Some businesses make the mistake of asking customers for so much information that they decide to buy their goods elsewhere. Your customer should know how much work is left to complete his or her order. A clean interface with a short pathway to purchase will keep customers from getting frustrated. One simple way to cut the length of the checkout form is to allow a customer’s ZIP code to autopopulate his town and state. You can even automatically migrate the sign-up information you collected into the checkout form. That way, the fields are already filled out; the buyer just needs to confirm them.”

13 WordPress Plugins Small Business Owners Should Focus On. SmallBizTrends: “WordPress SEO by Yoast lets you optimize your website for better SEO, meaning you install it and it automatically optimizes your website for higher Google ranking — a must if you want to increase your website’s visibility. It does this by alerting you to whether a title is too long (or too short) and recommends that you add more (or less) keywords to ensure your content gets the best ranking it can.”

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