Web Design Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Web design trends can move pretty quickly. If you don’t stay in the loop, you might be caught off-guard. You may have just implemented last year’s “endless scroll,” or you might be wondering if “flat design” is something you should embrace or not. Your website can look outdated overnight, so it’s important to stay ahead of what design gurus recommend — and what your competitors are doing.

Web Design Trends

7 Signs Your Web Design Is Over the Hill. The Whole Brain Group: “Remember Don Draper’s moving pitch for the Kodak slide Carousel on Mad Men? Well, Don, even the modernized web version has had its day. Users just don’t stick around like they used to—sometimes for as little as 15 seconds. That means if you’re tucking content into four rotating slides, two or three of them won’t be seen. Solution: Take a cue from sites like PayPal or HubSpot and try an eye-catching, looping background video (skip the sound, please). Overlay the motion with your biggest conversion-enabling call-to-action and send your users straight to the good stuff.”

6 Things You Should Know About Web Development. Business2Community: “An outdated website runs the risk of not displaying correctly in the browser, having unexpected formatting issues or not showing up effectively in search engine results. A site that’s even two years old may be antiquated if it has not kept up with these changes. Your site requires updates and maintenance as new devices and browsers change how sites are accessed and displayed.”

11 Web Design Trends You Need to Know About. Act On: “[The grid trend] trend was mostly spawned by Pinterest, though a grid approach to design in any medium has been around for decades. Sometimes called ‘Pinteresty’ or ‘cards,’ the grid design approach can be an elegant way to offer an array of choices. It’s good for product listing pages, eBook and whitepaper listing pages, and often even as a homepage design.”

8 Website Design Trends You Must Learn for the Future. Anabolic Technology: “Last year, high quality images made a big splash in logo and web design. With the proliferation of free unique stock image sites and faster broadband speeds, we saw higher quality images and that really captured people’s attention. Humans love big, beautiful images, so we expect to see more of that in future designs.”

5 Web Design Trends in 2015 You Should Know About. CyberOptik: “Forget about the glossy light effects to create a 3D illusion. Flat design is functional, beautiful, offers great viewing experience on any screen and is perfectly adequate for tapping on a smartphone screen. If you want 3D elements on your page, you build them with proper software for 3D design and use them sparsely and intelligently. But no more fake 3D menu buttons, icons and logos. They are a thing of the past (and no, it does not make them classic web design trends in a hall of fame).”

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