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A Leading Supplier of Machine Tools, Accessories, and Abrasive Tooling: GMSi Group, Inc.

GMSi Group, Inc. is a leading supplier of machine tools, accessories and abrasive tooling for metal working, industrial sharpening and manufacturing applications. An importer of products manufactured in Germany and Taiwan, GMSi provides product distribution, readily-available inventory, and technical support in close partnership with their suppliers. GMSi customers receive production

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Website Launch and Rebranding for premiere point-of-purchase display company: New England Wire Products

New England Wire Products (NEWP) is a top provider of point-of-purchase display merchandising solutions for leading retailers and consumer products goods companies. NEWP delivers custom, high-quality and flexible display products at lower cost and with faster turn-around times than their competitors. Their display systems maximize marketing impact to convert shoppers

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7 Eye-Catching Web Design Trends You’ll See in 2018

Every year sees new trends in web design. New design motifs appear organically as designers play, explore, and discover what customers react well to. Many are responses to new technology or SEO developments, while others develop as responses to design trends in other areas. Still more are reactions to established

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Discovery: The Key to Success in Our Web Projects

You may have noticed that some companies always seem to launch successful websites while others fail repeatedly. The difference between success and failure doesn’t come from pure luck. More often than not, the difference is whether the company includes a discovery phase in its project. 3 Media Web has such

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5 Tips to Maintain Your SEO Status During a Website Redesign

You work hard on your website’s search ranking through extensive search engine optimization practices. However, your design eventually gets outdated or needs to be refreshed. You can run into a situation where your rankings drop dramatically following the launch of the new website, undoing all of your efforts. It could

8 Critical Tests to Run Before Launching Your New Website

8 Critical Tests to Run Before Launching Your New Website

Today’s advanced technology enables anyone to put together a simple and attractive website seemingly within mere minutes if you can believe the commercials. While it is true the pre-defined templates and designs have made it rather easy for businesses to create their own websites with ease, all you really get