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Our web skills run deep. We think through back-end details such as choosing a content management system (we love WordPress!), making e-commerce work, plugins to try or avoid, and coding tips.

Web Support Maintenance Plan

Why You Need a Web Support Maintenance Plan With Your Web Agency

Your new business website is ready for launch. It’s taken months of planning, content development and consultations with the professionals at your web development agency to create a site that perfectly represents your business and your brand. Your site’s online life is just beginning – and regular website maintenance is a

Facebook Ads

4 Tips For Using Facebook Ads

As businesses of all sizes struggle to claim a share of organic, free traffic online, paid advertising on social media sites is surging – and over half of all social media ad spending goes to Facebook alone. Facebook paid ads can have unparalleled social reach, but using Facebook ads effectively

Clean Code

Why Clean Code Helps with SEO

Sometimes you might hear that your website’s design can impact its search engine ranking performance. This is true, but there are naysayers denying the fact because, since the impact is “indirect,” it seems irrelevant. Yet, there is a significant difference between the SEO value of clean code versus bulky or