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Is Your Web & Digital Marketing Plan 

Driving Revenue? 

Benchmark Your Current SEO Performance to  Plan Ahead  

An SEO audit looks at your current ranking keywords and reviews your list of target keywords to ensure they’re a good fit for your business goals. 

Set new target keywords and create new content to drive more leads this year and beyond. 

Find Out How You Compare to Your Competitors  

Many of your competitors are planning their SEO strategies right now and choosing new keywords. Compare your website to theirs and find new opportunities with a competitor gap analysis. 

Find stronger keywords to help grow your organic traffic and outrank your competitors.

Strategy Reset Based On Your Goals and Objectives  

Data is less powerful if it doesn’t match up to the goals and objectives of your business. The 3 Media Web team works with your business to develop strategies that align with your goals, such as new leads, increased revenue, raised brand awareness, or all of the above. 

Our recommendations can help take your business to the next level online.

Digital Marketing Plan 
Audit Packages:

3 Media Web is here to help you get your digital marketing on track with your goals. Our complete Digital Marketing Plan Audit packages can include an SEO audit, a competitive gap analysis, and the complete setup of Google Analytics 4. 

It also includes recommendations for the next steps to accomplish your goals based on your current position.

Choose Your Package Below:

  • Basic (any one strategy above) –– $1750
  • Medium (any two) – $3250
  • Advanced (any three) – $4750
  • Ready for Anything (all four) – $6000
Get Started

Digital marketing is always changing. With the changes to Google Analytics this year, new advances in AI marketing tools, and more, marketers are stretched pretty thin. How's your team doing? 

As we approach the end of the year, now is a good time to review your current SEO strategy and shift your digital marketing to beat the competition.  

Here's our four-step plan to drive real revenue:

Setup GA4 and Start Tracking Important Goal Conversions

What’s the use of analytics if you don’t have historical data to compare? 

If you haven't customized your new GA4 property to track all of your business-critical conversions, we can help you get started.

Implement conversion tracking on all of the most important customer behaviors happening on your website right now.

Build innovative digital experiences.