Convincing your boss to make changes to your company’s digital product is almost always a no-win situation. The most tech-savvy employers will have a keen eye and know when a Web design face-lift is necessary. But if your boss doesn’t hear things out, don’t just give up!

Sometimes all that person needs is an eye-opener. It is your job to make that moment happen, and each of the six ideas below might help you do that.

1. Get Visitor Feedback

Does your site already get at least a few thousand visitors every month? If so, you can use a website feedback form to get firsthand opinions. No need to go fancy — a product like IgniteFeedback will suffice. Keep the form short, and be direct with your design-related questions. To get effective, data-driven input, ask questions like “On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate the look of our site?”

2. Use Traffic Analysis

Do you have access to your site’s Google Analytics dashboard? If so, there are many metrics (bounce rate, time on page, etc.) that can help build a case for redesigning your company’s site. Break the data down based on desktop or mobile, as each needs different design efforts.

3. Request Professional Teardowns

Join a popular online entrepreneur Slack group, like Online Geniuses. There are many high-level professionals who hold corporate marketing jobs here. Your suggestion to redesign might hold little weight, but your boss could take it more seriously if you prove that industry experts think the same.

4. Get Feedback on Reddit

Go to a sub-Reddit that’s relevant to what your company does or one relating to Web design. Look at how many subscribers are in that section to get an idea of how large of a response you will receive. All you need to do is link to the site and ask for opinions on the design. Of course, leave out the part about how you are thinking about a redesign to avoid guiding the answers.

5. Ask for Feedback on Social Media

Does your business’s social media page have an active following? If so, put a quick question on what people think about your decision and link to your homepage. You can also contact the vocal followers for further feedback. When presenting your suggestions to your boss, provide screenshots referencing the opinions that come directly from your current audience. If the comments are generally negative, your argument will be more persuasive.

6. Run Split Tests

Take initiative if you think the current design is affecting business. Make something, even if you have to use a free theme, and then do a small A/B test. Track the performance, including bounce rate, time on page, conversions and more. If you manage to achieve much better results, it will be easy to convince your boss that a professional redesign will make a major difference.


Staying competitive on the digital front is important. The Internet world evolves with the latest Web design trends. Between innovations like AI software, the Internet of Things and the Web of Apps, people are embracing Web 3.0 right now.

Collect your evidence, state your case and blow your boss away with your ideas. You don’t have to convince him or her that you can make miracles happen. The point is to make it known that to see real growth, redesigning is necessary.

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