• AMSC (American Superconductor) generates the ideas, technologies, and solutions that meet the world’s demand for smarter, cleaner, better energy. The company’s solutions power gigawatts of renewable energy globally and enhance the performance and reliability of power networks in more than a dozen countries.

    AMSC works with grid technologies that revolve around utilities or industrial-scale applications. They provide engineering planning services and advanced grid systems, wind turbine electronic controls and systems, and ship protection, propulsion, and power management solutions. For the grid, wind energy, and marine technology, AMSC helps to optimize system efficiencies, power quality, and network reliability.

  • The client wanted to focus on the message for their new website. AMSC felt their previous website contained too much text that lacked a “soul.” The written material had no emotional connection with the awesome creations AMSC had accomplished. They wanted a human and personal association about how energy gets delivered to people.

    The company’s three distinct product divisions needed a consistent design that collectively described AMSC’s capabilities to different constituencies. They wanted a dynamic design that would include vibrant images, without showing actual project photographs, which, in the case of government contracts, are not allowed.

    AMSC requested a separate Investor section that would provide information quickly and efficiently. Another goal was to be able to address their emerging markets and/or partners in China and Korea in their own language on the website.

  • 3 Media Web worked with Wes Dyson, Marketing Specialist and James Doyle, Vice President, General Manager Gridtec, to help position the new AMSC website to better reflect their innovative technologies with an updated design and consistent content.

    The main navigation menu was simplified to link to their three main product areas: Gridtec, Windtec, and Marinetec. A fourth button links to their new Investor section, with a template designed to bring cohesion between the website and the NASDAQ investor portal.

    A gallery of video images extends full width on the Home page and includes a new company tagline which succinctly explains the AMSC mission: “We don’t generate the energy. We keep it moving.” Below the tagline is a link to the Product and Resource sections, which gets the web visitor to their areas of interest immediately.

    3 Media Web provided basic language translation to Chinese and Korean that the web visitor can utilize with a simple click on the American flag in the main navigation bar to select the preferred language.

    Wes Dyson said, “… the consensus is that the (website) redesign is wonderful … the customer feedback has been wholly positive. We’re pleasantly surprised by how much web traffic the site receives. The redesign increased user engagement by 300%.”

    He added, “(3 Media Web) completely tailored their services to provide exactly what we needed. It was like they were part of our company. We engaged in a hands-on management approach, so they’d interact with us multiple times a day, if necessary.”

    The new AMSC website is engaging, exciting, and creates a connection to the website visitor with attention-getting images and simplified and consistent content that resonates with distinctive interest groups.

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