• Bake‘n Joy began as the A. E. Ogan Company in 1941 and remains a family-owned business now led by Robert Ogan, grandson of the founder. The company has grown to service retail bakeries as well as in-store bakeries and food services industries, including convenience stores, colleges and universities, healthcare, and the hospitality industry. Bake‘n Joy has sales representatives for food service and retail businesses nationwide. The company has evolved over the years in response to consumer trends and to provide high-quality products to the busy baker.

    Bake‘n Joy makes products that meet the needs of any size or type of bakery business. Their Predeposited Muffins, Scoop & Bake Batters, Mixes and Bases, Fillings and Toppings, and Thaw & Serve products satisfy those customers who want to bake on premises but need an alternative to “scratch” baking. For those customers who want to offer a high-quality product ready-made, Bake‘n Joy offers six categories that include Cookies, Cakes & Cupcakes, Cornbread, and more. In addition, they offer a Vegan and Gluten Free products.

  • The client’s website had not kept pace with the company’s growth. The client desired a more professional look and a navigational design that would guide the website visitor through their more than twelve categories of products. They also wanted a layout that could feature the eight Bake‘n Joy brands. It was important for the Bake’n Joy website to show all products, rather than simply an overview as on their current site.

    In addition, the client wanted their Home page to include a banner that they could update from time to time when announcing a new product or featured offer.

  • 3 Media Web changed the Home page design to achieve a sleek, professional look, free from distraction of background patterns. The image gallery uses up-close images that nearly induce the salivary glands into action. Each image highlights the Bake‘n Joy brand.

    3 Media Web created the main navigation bar with a Products tab that has a large megamenu featuring the categories of products and the Bake’n Joy brands. Web visitors can click on the Products overview header, which bring them to a Products page with a side menu listing of product categories and brands, as well as thumbnail images of each of the company’s product categories. In any case, the reader can browse products and drill down to product details on interior pages. An accordion chart for each product includes a thumbnail image along with the item number, name, weight and volume size. Each product in the chart links to a full description of that product, providing an easy road map for the reader to follow.

    3 Media Web designed the Home page to include banners that the client can update, as needed. One banner features Bake‘n Joy’s exclusive distributorship of a new gluten-free products and announces the new Filled Muffin category. The call-to-action button links to interior pages with additional information.

    The Home page also includes an introduction to information about Bake‘n Joy, supporting their professional and long history as a family-owned business.

    Scrolling down, the reader can find the logos of the company’s brands, which link to the interior brand page showing each product category, which are linked to the accordion chart that includes all products.

    3 Media Web updated the Bake‘n Joy website that they had created for the company in 2014. The new, more streamlined design reflects the growth of Bake‘n Joy and provides a clean, easy-to-navigate journey for the website visitor.


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