• BOHH Labs was an innovative San Francisco tech company that has introduced a unique solution to the problem of securing and accessing complex business data. Their patented service enables simple, real-time access to data securely without compromising business performance or placing data at risk. The BOHH Labs technology team has a distinctive track record in enterprise software and search, data security, and customer service solutions to enable users to securely interact with their data, systems, and applications.

  • As a startup with an immediate need for their first website, the project timeline was compressed. While a goal was to create the homepage within weeks, it was also necessary that the complex message of how the BOHH Labs Secure Application Gateway works, it needed to be explained in a concise and clear manner that would resonate with both industry professionals and laymen. The client wanted a dynamic way to present the steps of the process from collection of data to response.

    A crucial requirement for the site was for the client to be able to easily update the content on the website since the content and website were very fluid. They also wanted to show the applications of their technology with examples that can be easily accessed by the web visitor.

    Lastly, along with being responsive, the client also wanted the site to conform to accessibility best practices.

  • Using an animated step-by-step illustration, 3 Media Web met the client’s goal of using few words with engaging left-to-right images to show the three steps of the BOHH Labs process: Request, Threat Analysis and Processing, and Securing the Access. These illustrations and accompanying text demonstrate clearly how the BOHH Labs Secure Application Gateway works.

    Scrolling down the homepage, the website visitor is asked: “What can you do with BOHH’s Technology?” in a banner that clicks through to the Use Cases page with text and images that address a data security problem and solution. This key page is also accessible from the homepage main navigation bar.

    Accessibility best practices were implemented throughout the website. The contrast of colors and the fill-in-forms were designed to be easy-to-use for those with vision issues. Images with click-through capability fade when hovered over to be more easily seen and recognized as clickable.

    3 Media Web was acutely aware of the importance of delivering the BOHH Lab’s website within budget and in time for critical investor meetings. We continue to work with BOHH Labs for certain website enhancements, customized training, and technical support.

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