• Data Processing Solutions (DPS) is two companies under one umbrella company. DPS offers merchant services and provides equipment, software, and credit payment processing for millions of transactions for customers nationwide. Petroleum Processing Solutions (PPS) is the Energy division of DPS, Inc. and specializes in Pay at the Pump processing for unbranded, independent gas stations.

  • The client is expanding into new business verticals and requires a website that will appeal to a varied marketplace. DPS/PPS has many non-petroleum retail customers and their website needs to appeal to them as well as to their current client base.

    All gas stations were required to convert to EMV chip credit cards in the fall of 2017. The major brands like Exxon have converted, but many of the unbranded gas stations have not yet done so, creating an attractive market for PPS.

    The client’s goal was to create a website that would be a 24/7/365 salesperson with automated forms to expedite orders and demo requests. DPS/PPS is targeting the un-branded gas station entrepreneur or retail store owner who needs an easy and affordable method to transact business via credit.

  • 3 Media Web developed a fresh and updated design for the DPS/PPS website with an animated logo that not only shows both company graphics but flashes alternate views of each logo. This captures the viewers’ attention and emphasizes the fact that DPS and PPS are related companies.

    The PPS Pay at the Pump product is highlighted by its own tab on the main navigation bar, as well as with call-to-action links on the images at the top of the Home page, Product and Services page, and the Pay at the Pump page.

    To accentuate the ease of operation of their products, the DPS website includes a Schedule a Demo form on the footer of each page and at the top of the Home and Products and Service pages.

    The new DPS/PPS website is clean and simple to navigate, appealing to the company’s diverse market. It achieves the goal of gaining the attention of potential customers and providing an always available “salesperson” with the information needed to take the next step in the sales cycle.



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