• Located in Paramus, NJ, Epygenix Therapeutics, Inc. is developing precision medicine for rare and catastrophic forms of genetic epilepsy, such as Dravet Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Infantile Spasm, and Otahara syndrome. As a start-up company, they needed a slick new biotech website to highlight the company’s research, technology, and successes with precision medicine.

  • There are so many biotech startup company websites that exist. Epygenix Therapeutics, Inc. wanted something that would stand out from the crowd, something that would bring its research and technology to the forefront.

    Epygenix Therapeutics, Inc. is looking for valuable strategic partners and therefore wanted to look professional and highlight the technologists and the world-class team of researchers behind the company.

  • 3 Media Web designed a unique and modern website that brings the highlights of Epygenix’s mission, technology, and researchers to the forefront. The site uses clear and concise messaging along with modern photos that visually break up and highlight the site’s content.

    A video of “zebrafish”, which is the main element in the research behind Epygenix’s technology, is used as a background on the technology page. Each page also consists of a call to action for potentially interested partnering parties.

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