• Hamill Galleries, an art gallery located in Quincy, Massachusetts with a goal to make collecting art a more fun and accessible experience for all.

  • After moving into a new gallery space, Hamill Galleries wanted to update and modernize their old website to help them sell their personal collection of art.

    The challenge was to create a website that’s as unique and fun as eclectic as the art collection.

    Our client wanted an engaging website without the fussiness found on typical art gallery websites. Just like their physical location, Hamill Galleries’ new website needed to fun and rewarding to interact with for art collectors of any experience level.

  • We worked closely with Hamill Galleries for the duration of the project. They were very involved during discovery and creative processes, enabling us to create and build a website that aligns with their vision and goals.

    In discovery, we learned Hamill Galleries is a purposely more relaxed atmosphere than what most people expect from an art gallery. Based on that, we knew our website designs should closely mimic the gallery’s fun attitude and approach to art.

    To make the website unique and engaging, we incorporated a popular art piece from Bobbi’s collection into the final design. We used an image of an antique carnival spinning wheel from Hamill Galleries to somewhat gamify the Hamill Galleries website experience.

    Users can “spin” the wheel with a click of a button and be transported to a new page that features a random piece of artwork.

    The new design works to engage visitors and encourage them to explore new styles of art simply by browsing the Hamill Galleries online store.

    Head over to our blog to get the full details of the Hamill Galleries website redesign project and read about all the fun we had bringing the new site to life.



Project Manager

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