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EpiphanyRx and their sister company, ArchimedesRx , are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) within the Pharmacy industry. They are third-party administrators of prescription drug programs for a number of federal, state, and commercial health plans. They both aim to remove conflicts of interest that limit traditional PBMs and replace them with a transparent business model focused on the lowest net cost and overall value. 3 Media Web quickly launched 2 related, but different websites within a month of each other.

The Challenge

Although both companies are under the same ownership, they operate separately. In an effort to drive their mission forward and keep up with typical industry challenges, our client wanted to redesign the websites for both of their companies with a more sophisticated, yet minimalist design aesthetic. They also wanted to improve the design of the websites to be capable of handling large clients and competing against much bigger players.

The Solution

From the get-go, the project was an incredibly collaborative endeavor as our client was very knowledgeable of what they wanted and needed. Early in the discovery phase, EpiphanyRx and ArchimedesRx established the importance of providing a data-driven web experience that showcases the companies’ value-based pillar in addition to a wealth of case studies they had gathered. We worked on developing the two sites simultaneously, which took just under a month to complete development.

We were looking to take our website to the next level to better reflect our products and brand promise. 3 Media Web delivered a cost-effective solution that met our goals under a tight timeline. Our new site, in conjunction with our online campaigns is generating significant interest in our solutions. I highly recommend 3 Media Web.

Carrie Mueller, Vice President of Product and Marketing

Unique, yet Linked Designs

It was important to have each of the sites be similar in style, yet different enough to properly convey the distinct nuances between the two sister companies. We spent around a month designing a new custom theme for the EpiphanyRx website, which we then used as inspiration to create a second site design for ArchimedesRx. We worked with the client on design and style edits that ensured the two sites were similar in style, while remaining individualized to their respective company.

Refreshed Content

We also performed a content refresh that reflected the companies’ differentiated and disruptive nature. This was important in conveying their strong point of view about how things should be done, where the industry should go, and more.

Enhanced User Experience

One of the main goals of the new sites was being able to provide clients and potential clients with completely transparent reporting and value-based coverage. The new design and content on both of the sites work together to vastly improve the user experience for their members and potential clients, driving home the value the companies provide their clients. Now, it is easier for the end users to find answers to their questions.

The Results

The new websites we designed and built for their companies ultimately created a place where they could showcase their value-based pillars, in addition to case studies and data they have gathered. Potential clients are more easily able to learn who ArchimedesRx and Epiphany Rx are, what they offer, what they stand for, and how the companies can solve the potential clients’ pain points.

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