• LPRS, LLC, is an independent lessee advocate group that uses data analysis to help businesses and organizations reduce the costs and risks involved with leasing equipment. 

  • LPRS needed a website redesign to reflect a recent name and branding change. 

    Additionally, the client wanted to move their existing site off of HubSpot because it was not robust enough for their needs and was too difficult to use.

    The new site also needed to improve the user experience and do more heavy lifting to guide customers down an optimized customer journey map.

  • After several months of collaboration 3 Media Web was able to redesign the LPRS website and move it from HubSpot to WordPress, which improved the user experience and flexibility on the backend of the website.

    We replaced the old branding with a refreshed logo that reflects the company’s current branding. We also implemented a customized messaging strategy to boost customer engagement and aid in establishing LPRS as the industry thought leaders they are.

    See how we helped LPRS with a website redesign and optimized customer journey map here.



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