• LuminUltra Technologies Ltd., is a biological diagnostic testing company that serves more than 80 nations around the world from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

  • When LuminUltra contacted us, their website wasn’t working to achieve their business goals. First, their site’s design was old and outdated–the perfect candidate for a website redesign.

    But that was only part of the challenge… 

    The company also desired to improve their rankings through search engine optimization, meaning the site’s page structure and sitemap needed a full redesign after becoming bloated and bogged down by unnecessary content. 

    Additionally, the site’s content and messaging had been written by highly-technical employees and was difficult to understand. As a result, the site not performing at its full potential in marketing LuminUltra’s services to a non-technical customer base.

    One of the biggest challenges, however, proved to be the COVID-19 crisis, which hit halfway through the project, doubling it’s scope overnight.

  • We worked closely with our client throughout the project and, thanks in part to their commitment to the partnership, we were able to reimagine and rebuild the LuminUltra website. 

    We proudly designed and developed:

     – An organized, effective sitemap and navigation system

     – New global styles

     – Redesigned main pages

     – Refreshed imagery and messaging that speaks to customers

     – A custom content structure template and flexible page layouts to make in-house content creation easier

    See how we used a modern, modularised web development workflow to knock this project out of the park for LuminUltra on the 3 Media Web blog.


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