• The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) has been a pillar in the Metro-West Boston business community since 1924. The MRCC provided opportunities for growth through legislative advocacy, educational programs, and other valuable resources to regional businesses.

  • While undergoing a leadership change and rebranding, the MRCC website hadn’t been updated to reflect the exciting new changes. The old site design needed to be redesigned to reflect the MRCC’s new branding.

    Additionally, the user experience needed improving. Because of a lack of updates to the old site, it made it appear the chamber was no longer active.

  • 3 Media Web designer, Jon Langberg, met with MRCC and together they determined key items that should appear on the homepage to help guide visitors around the site. From there, Jon worked out the best placement for each of the items and created a fresh design that incorporated the new MRCC branding.

    The new design offers an improved hierarchy that works to increase participation in the chamber and its events. Just a month after launch, the MRCC is already showing an increase in visits, as well as an increase in the amount of time visitors spend on the site.

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