• OpenClinica develops open-source software that captures electronic data for use in clinical research. Companies can use OpenClinica to build studies, schedule patient visits, monitor and manage clinical data, and extract data for analysis and reporting. Its clients include research organizations, biotech firms and academic research outlets.

  • OpenClinica’s parent company is a Drupal developer, so the company’s website was originally built on that platform. Drupal is a powerful platform, but it’s generally not well-suited for marketing-focused websites that require frequent updates. The OpenClinica marketing team was frustrated with Drupal and needed a website they could quickly update without involving IT.

  • 3 Media Web worked very closely with the marketing department to build a new WordPress site for OpenClinica. Most of the creative work was done in-house, so 3 Media Web set up a framework for the website in WordPress, which was chosen because it’s easy to use and customize. 3 Media Web developed a custom search feature and a credit card processing feature to take online registrations and payments for events.

    OpenClinica was able to add its own content and graphics to the new WordPress site. It was easy for the team to create unique page layouts in WordPress to achieve the look they envisioned. Plus, they took advantage of the large WordPress plugin catalog to create form registrations and other custom features. 3 Media Web helped them launch the new site, and continues to assist with management and hosting.

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