• An emerging leader in the mobile telecommunications industry, Parallel Wireless focuses on software-driven approaches. The trend in the industry is for big vendors to consolidate, locking their customers into one company with proprietary hardware. Parallel Wireless is pioneering a new, more automated approach, giving operators the ability to work with all generations of mobile technology by moving to a virtualized network architecture. With 5G approaching, Parallel Wireless clients are looking for flexibility and ways to reduce expenses.

  • Parallel Wireless is developing solutions in-house with a small team, competing against very large vendors that continue to consolidate. Since the industry is highly competitive, Parallel Wireless has been “flying under the radar” since its inception but wanted to take center stage with a web presence that reflects their technology, innovation, and position as a “tier one” company. In addition, the client wanted their website to be a lead generator for their sales team.

    Prospects are service providers, cable operators, mobile network operators, carriers, chief technology officers, and other executive-level business operators, who are conservative, cautious, and difficult to sell. The sales pipeline is long, taking repeated efforts to teach prospects about the technology and its benefits.

    The original site included more than 60 pages with press releases, news articles, and blogs. The client had a hard/fast launch date to coincide with the publication of a press release, so the timeline from content entry to launch was abbreviated.

  • 3 Media Web created a super modern, bold and positive website design that exudes confidence, signifying a credible industry leader. The design team observed the Parallel Wireless existing branding while pushing the envelope to create a dynamic, enterprise-level website.

    Working with the client’s creative agency, the Parallel Wireless logo was modified, and elements of the logo were incorporated into the design of the new website. In addition, 3 Media Web collaborated in the design of banners and imagery. All images used throughout the site were tweaked to reflect the industry and all have colors that reflect the company logo’s palette.

    To encourage lead generation, 3 Media Web created lead forms which 3 Media Web will be integrating into the site in the next phase of development.

    Launching on time to coincide with the press release publication, the website sets the stage for Parallel Wireless to re-introduce itself to the industry, repositioning the company as an assertive, disrupting force in mobile telecommunications.

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