• Pilot Ceramics engineers and manufactures technical precision ceramics. The company is mainly known on the consumer market for its pens, but it also specializes in manufacturing advanced technical ceramic components for use in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical devices.

  • Pilot felt its business development site wasn’t focused enough on precision ceramics, which makes up a large part of the company’s revenue. Pilot wanted a high-end, sharp website — one that was dedicated to precision ceramics, communicated its ability to work with global brands and highlighted its track record of quality and precision in the industry.

  • 3 Media Web created a brand-new web design built on WordPress, with photos that reinforced Pilot’s reputation as a top-performance brand. The website features photos of Pilot’s products being used in high-demand applications, supporting the company’s dedication to advanced technology and attention to detail.

    We targeted the messaging to appeal to senior executives who have technical backgrounds and are looking for precision ceramics solutions. Pilot leaders were thrilled with the new website and are looking forward to the results of directly targeting these decision makers in markets that drive much of the company’s revenue.



Project Manager

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