• Rockland Trust Bank is a full-service bank that has been serving communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 100 years.

  • 3 Media Web was called on to develop a search tool on the Rockland Trust Bank website that allows users to search for their bankers using specific parameters. Additionally, a custom admin dashboard would be needed for Rockland’s content manager to easily and quickly input banker info and profiles.

    Due to limitations from Rockland Trust Bank’s CMS, they needed a helping hand with the development of the search tool to would work on its existing website without changing its CMS.

  • Rockland Trust Bank provided the user interface design to 3 Media Web, who handled the development and implementation of the tool and admin dashboard.

    Despite the CMS’s limitation, we built the Find a Bank tool as an app, then embedded it onto the Rockland Trust Bank website resulting in a full-featured search interface as requested by the client.

    See how 3 Media Web helped the bank elevate their site’s user experience here.



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