• Sigfox USA is the US subsidiary of Sigfox, a global company headquartered in Labège, France, providing low power, wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity. Featuring low power, long range connectivity, and low cost, Sigfox USA provides Asset Tracking (Where is it?); Asset Monitoring (What is the status?); Streamlined Operations (Remote monitoring); Regulatory Compliance (Creating an auditable trail); and Predictive Maintenance (Is maintenance needed?)

    The Sigfox USA unique device-to-cloud approach to wireless connectivity has no signaling overhead, and a compact protocol, enabling messages to transmit over long distances.

  • Sigfox USA is the IoT network operator in the US for the global low power, wide area (LPWAN) connectivity provider, Sigfox. As such, Sigfox USA had no visibility or voice of their own to address their marketplace.

    It was our client’s desire to have their own website with their own messaging and design, while maintaining the Sigfox branding. In addition, an important Sigfox USA goal was to ensure that the new website would be optimized for search engines.

    The website needed to educate the web visitor on the technology and benefits of utilizing the services of Sigfox USA to protect their assets, whatever their industry. A complex message needed to be conveyed in an understandable format to engage web visitors.

  • To create a new website from scratch, 3 Media Web and Sigfox USA worked together to determine all aspects of the website – design, messaging, and functionality. Because of the rapid growth of Sigfox USA, it was necessary to develop the site with the flexibility to grow with the company and to allow the client to make updates as needed.

    As part of the website build, 3 Media Web created the necessary technical SEO foundation. They then implemented keyword research and analyzed the results to deliver recommendations to the client for their content writers. Finally, on-page SEO was executed to include all-important alt tags for images, anchor text for links, browser page titles, and meta descriptions. In addition, they advised Sigfox USA on overall SEO and keyword strategy going forward.

    While the client wanted their new site to have a unique look, the parent company, Sigfox, has a brand guide in place that requires specific use of color, icons, fonts, and images. Conforming to this top-to-bottom guide, the 3 Media Web design team was able to meet the client’s goals for a “different” look. In addition, new icons were created that follow the brand guideline, and together with concise content, invite reader engagement.

    The messaging to explain clearly and concisely the uses of a low power wide area wireless telecommunication network is presented on the HOME page along with the technical specifications required, which immediately explains to the corporate prospect why and how Sigfox USA works.

    This straightforward,  easy to navigate, and optimized website meets the client’s goals of having a concise message that speaks to prospects in their voice while maintaining the branding of their parent company.


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