• The Calculation Bar is a financial management consulting company with a difference. They build financial management tools that highlight their clients’ achievements and help them to manage their businesses. They work very closely with their clients to enable bold decision making that defines their companies and achieves their goals.

    The Calculation Bar company name implies their own corporate vision — their number one goal for their website was to create a visual image and message that suggests a company, different from any other in its field.


  • Creating a start-up website means that there was no web presence to start with and no analytics to inform web content or design. However, the clients had a definite concept of how The Calculation Bar should be portrayed visually and in the marketing message.

    3 Media Web created a website that used the symbolism the name implied of a comfortable setting of a neighborhood “watering hole” to set the stage for the messaging. This is a company that gets to know its clients, listens to their aspirations, and becomes so well-acquainted with the workings of their businesses that they work strategically together to achieve success.

  • 3 Media Web created a company logo that uses a stylish martini glass with a mathematical plus sign that sits on a stark white circle in dramatic contrast to the hero image. The modern and elegant typeface implies a company that is forward-thinking and state-of-the-art. The hero image of a contemporary bar scene is intriguing and creates curiosity to read on to learn more. Looking more closely, the web visitor sees a grid of mathematical symbols superimposed onto the photo image.

    As the visitor scrolls down the page, two of the five main pages are introduced with an animated flow-in of images of spreadsheets and computer graphs and block of intro content for each of What We Do and Who We Are. As readers scroll through, The Calculation Bar story is told in a brief narrative that moves the web visitor to more information on the interior pages. Each page has a creative hero image that supports the theme of the website and reinforces the client’s tagline: A new paradigm of financial management.

    Success Stories are brief case studies that with an engaging photo image and attention-getting headline and summary invite the web visitor to read more. Napkin Notes is the fourth tab on the main navigational bar and links to the client’s collection of blog articles.

    3 Media Web created a website that while simple in its navigational structure, reveals the depth of the client company with a narrative and design that also demonstrates The Calculation Bar’s difference in the financial management field.

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