• Visit North Central Massachusetts is the official destination marketing organization representing the 27 communities of North Central Massachusetts. Their primary mission is to promote their region as a place where visitors can enjoy the character and hospitality of the area.

    The organization and its website foster regional economic development by raising awareness about the venues and companies that market their products and services in the region.

  • The client wanted to rebrand the organization beginning with a new logo that would demonstrate the variety and diversity of North Central Massachusetts. Although they required a new and better-organized website, they didn’t want to forfeit the recognition of their former brand of more than 20 years that featured the character, Johnny Appleseed, an iconic figure of the area.

    The main goal was to organize the information on the site to make it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for and to browse the many categories of venues, activities, companies, attractions, and services in the area.

    This required a completely new site structure to engage users, leading them intuitively through the website. As most visitors come to the website using a mobile device, it was key to design the site to be mobile responsive. The client also wanted to increase their database for ongoing marketing and promotion.

  • 3 Media Web created a new logo that included a brand overhaul. The cleverly designed illustration of an apple with line drawings of a variety of sports, attractions, and activities in its center, clearly depicts the diversity of the region at first glance, while retaining the connection to their former name and logo by using the tagline: Johnny Appleseed Country. The new color palette of the logo and website update the look and feel and complement the bright, engaging photographs of the area that were supplied by the client.

    The Homepage immediately welcomes visitors with a seasonal hero image and a message that the region is the birthplace of John Chapman, otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed.

    The information is organized by the main navigation bar into What to Do, Where to Stay, and Culinary Experiences, a directory of restaurants and craft beverages. Also highlighted on the Home page are a Calendar of Events and Featured Attractions. All this information can easily be changed or updated by the client, giving them the flexibility a dynamic website of this type requires.

    The client’s goal to increase their contact database was achieved by creating a pop-up Newsletter Sign Up form that appears when the Home page loads.

    The new Visit North Central Massachusetts website is a wealth of information about the region that is easily accessible through a general Search or by linking to one of the well-organized category directories. A web visitor, whether tourist or local, is tempted to return again and again to check the Calendar of Events or to select a new restaurant or a featured attraction.

    Visit North Central Massachusetts is a website that can adapt and update, much as the region it serves changes with the seasons and its economic growth.

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