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Ranking Factors

Master These Three Top Ranking Factors Ranking Your Site on Google

You want your website to rank on top? There are three crucial ranking factors you must consider for Google to give your site rankings a boost. The highly-cited SEO study from Backlinko suggests that the top ranking factors are your backlinks, topical relevance and word count averages. How Link Building Improves Ranking Factors

Clean Code

Why Clean Code Helps with SEO

Sometimes you might hear that your website’s design can impact its search engine ranking performance. This is true, but there are naysayers denying the fact because, since the impact is “indirect,” it seems irrelevant. Yet, there is a significant difference between the SEO value of clean code versus bulky or

seostrategy 01

Do You Need a New SEO Strategy?

Once you’ve done your research and developed a strong SEO strategy, it’s tempting to implement it and let it go. But SEO is a living, breathing thing: As you update your website and product offerings, and as search engines update their algorithms, your website’s search ranking will likely change. Keeping

SEO and UX

Websites Can No Longer Treat SEO and UX as 2 Separate Things

Search engine optimization can affect user experience, and vice versa, which means balancing SEO and UX is one of the most important things you can do as you design and manage your company’s website. Focusing on SEO without creating a good user experience will only provide disappointing results. Designing a

Local SEO

Don’t Forget Local SEO as You Optimize Your Website

Google’s latest algorithm update, Pigeon, has made local SEO an even bigger deal that it was before — and it seems poised to continue growing in importance. As with any SEO strategy, there are tactics that work, and tactics that seem like they should but ultimately end up hurting your

How to Pick the Best Keywords

How to Pick the Best Keywords for Your Website

Quick: What are your target keywords? Knowing your company’s keywords has long been key to a solid SEO strategy. It’s important to note, however, that these days other factors play important roles in SEO as well — images, for example. And the latest update to Google’s algorithm makes a responsive

5 SEO Image Optimization Tips for WordPress

6 SEO Image Optimization Tips for WordPress

Images make your website more interesting and attractive — and they play a valuable role in your site’s SEO. The process you use to name and tag your images is just as important as the words you use in links and the search terms you incorporate into page and blog