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How a Great Website can Boost Your B2B Sales

How a Great Website can Boost Your B2B Sales

B2B marketers often place most of their focus on lead generation. While this is, of course, an important part of B2B marketing, it certainly isn’t the most important component. Having a great website is a fundamental element and one which plays a much more important role than you might think


3 Media Web Launches New Physician Membership Website Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association (MACIPA)

Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association (MACIPA) is a physician membership organization with nearly 500 primary care physicians and specialists who practice at Mount Auburn Hospital and are located in the Boston area, including Cambridge, Belmont, Watertown, Waltham, Somerville, Lexington, and Arlington. Established in 1985, MACIPA is a leader in

Navin Haffty

A New Medical EHR Consulting Website Launch

Navin, Haffty & Associates is a leader in customizing solutions for medical facilities that range from large multi-entity health systems to rural critical care access hospitals. A MEDITECH EHR partner, NHA offers electronic health records consulting services aligned with MEDITECH’s solutions to improve operational performance and enhance patient care quality.

Responsive Design

What Responsive Design Can Do For Your Website

Responsive web design — the work that goes into making a website display effectively on every device — is a great way to keep your brand consistent across platforms. At the same time, responsive design offers other benefits that you’re probably aiming for anyway. If you haven’t updated your website

Legal Website Design

5 Things You Need to Know About Designing a Legal Website

There’s been a big shift in how people find lawyers. It used to be through word of mouth and maybe phone directories, but now it’s all about the Internet. Local keyword searches for “lawyer” are really expensive, and since it’s so competitive, your legal website has to shine: You have

How to Apply Responsive Design Correctly to Your Website

How to Apply Responsive Design Correctly to Your Website

Google’s announcement that it would use a site’s mobile friendliness as part of its search ranking algorithm has spurred many businesses to make changes to their sites. If you’re still looking into how to best apply responsive design principles to your web presence, check out these articles. They can help

Browser Testing

Browser Testing: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Browser testing is the process of viewing a single website on multiple operating systems, devices, browsers and screen resolutions, to ensure it displays correctly no matter how visitors are viewing it. Browser testing is critical to the web development process — not all browsers are programmed to show website elements