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Traffic Declining? Here’s How to Fix That

It’s normal to have ebbs and flows when it comes to website traffic. Most analysts just assume those random dips and surges are results of typical human behavior. If a site once had high numbers and consistently has low traffic, though – well, that’s cause for concern. When traffic dips

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Can Social Media Really Help With My Company Website’s SEO Rankings?

Not too long ago, a company’s SEO ranking depended largely on just two things: keyword placement and backlinking from external sites. But as search engine algorithms continue to evolve, social media is making a growing contribution to a brand’s SEO strategy for building authority and ranking high in search. Out

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Rock Your 2017 With These Social Media Trends

In earlier days, social media was primarily used for personal connections — a way to stay in touch with family and friends and share thoughts in 140-character bursts. But now, social media has an important role to play in any company’s SEO strategy. Furthermore, emerging trends that create the kind

Why Content Marketing Matters

Why Content Marketing Matters

Our recent merger with LadyBugz Interactive has supercharged our internal marketing powers. With our team’s added marketing experience, we’ll be able to build even better, stronger websites for our clients. Inbound marketing — SEO, social media, and content — is a big reason today’s websites look the way they do,

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Do You Need a New SEO Strategy?

Once you’ve done your research and developed a strong SEO strategy, it’s tempting to implement it and let it go. But SEO is a living, breathing thing: As you update your website and product offerings, and as search engines update their algorithms, your website’s search ranking will likely change. Keeping