• When you hire 3 Media Web to become your dedicated web partner and commit to a monthly web support agreement, you will receive priority support throughout the year for changes and modifications to your website. 3 Media Web will also proactively monitor your site and apply WordPress security, bug, and feature-related updates.

  • A new website built by 3 Media Web will positively impact your SEO ranking. To organically place in the search engines, any pages that 3 Media Web builds will adhere to search engine best practices, including clean coding to W3C standards and SEO-friendly page titles and meta-descriptions. Additionally, we will apply page caching, image optimization to ensure quick-loading pages, Google PageSpeed Insights testing, and Pingdom Speed Test testing.

  • Before a website goes live, our team conducts a QA audit of the site and its pages and forms and addresses any issue we discover. We check the site in the four most popular browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE/Edge), as they represent well over 95 percent of the market. We check against the current versions and the most recent previous version of each browser.

  • Your site will not go down during your launch, but during this process, you will be unable to log in to the website. Your new site will be publicly visible in as little as 15 minutes; however, it can take up to 24 hours for the information to fully propagate to all ISPs (internet service providers) so that all internet users can view the site at its new location.