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About Lysa Miller

Lysa Miller leads our sales and marketing team. Lysa is responsible for managing our sales and marketing efforts in addition to directing the creative strategy for our clients. Her background and passions are in growth hacking, SEO, online marketing and design. She is a regular guest blogger for Mass Vacation and the online photo website, Big Stock.
Why We Love WordPress for Projects Big and Small

Why We Love WordPress for Projects Big and Small

WordPress is an accessible and open-source platform that powers over 25 percent of the world’s websites. In total, that’s over 75 million websites worldwide. While every client’s needs differ, many of the best web design companies prefer WordPress for projects. Using WordPress for projects is beloved by marketers, developers, designers and small and mid-sized businesses

3 Media Web's Partners Share Their Journey on Navigating the Ups and Downs of Agency Growth on the Businesso

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Agency Growth

3 Media Web’s Partners share their journey on the Businessology Show Balancing growth and the business development process with sustainability and the desire to stay true to your company’s core values is an issue most companies will face as they begin to scale. 3 Media Web partners Marc Avila and

12 tips to maximize HipChat for internal agency communication

12 Tips to Maximize HipChat for Internal Agency Communication

Clear communication helps your agency avoid many problems that could throw project schedules off-track or lead to poor outcomes. HipChat is a powerful tool for improving your internal agency communication, but you have to take several steps to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your investment. Use

3 Media Web in Full View - A look back at 2017

3 Media Web, 2017 in Full 365 View

2017 has been a year of growth and change at 3 Media Web. We have expanded from a successful web design firm to a comprehensive digital agency focusing on web design & development, hosting & support, and digital marketing for medium and enterprise level B2B companies. We’ve evolved and improved

Digital Marketing

WordPress and Your B2B Company’s Digital Marketing Plan

Your company can have a fantastic digital marketing plan in place, but you need the right infrastructure in place to support your efforts. WordPress provides a robust content management system that offers the functionality you need throughout your campaigns. Robust Content Management Features for Digital Marketing B2B marketing strategies reach

Content Marketing

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Utilizing one or more digital marketing methods can help a business achieve significant sales and build their customer base. However, content marketing can actually transform a business. Used in conjunction with search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing can drive more traffic to your site through additional avenues, establish your business

Ranking Factors

Master These Three Top Ranking Factors Ranking Your Site on Google

You want your website to rank on top? There are three crucial ranking factors you must consider for Google to give your site rankings a boost. The highly-cited SEO study from Backlinko suggests that the top ranking factors are your backlinks, topical relevance and word count averages. How Link Building Improves Ranking Factors