• SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” When someone searches a phrase in a Google search, what results do they find? These searches are called “organic searches,” meaning your site is ranking naturally for those search terms. Digital-growth experts use optimization techniques to rank your website higher than your competitors so that you can generate more revenue from Google searches.

  • Google Ads is a paid advertising medium that allows you to buy ads on keyword searches so that your website can rank above the competition. Often referred to as “pay per click,” Google charges a fee based on the number of clicks from the ad to your website. Google Ads, when managed by a certified and seasoned expert, can immediately generate leads for your business. Organic Google search results cost nothing to display, but money is spent on the techniques (and time) that is used to gain those high-visibility searches. In the end, there’s a cost to SEO, in the form of time. The positive effects of SEO techniques can take up to a year. In our experience, when used in tandem, Google Ads + SEO are high-yielding contributors to lead generation and revenue growth that both require investment.

  • A new WordPress website built by 3 Media Web will positively impact your SEO ranking. To organically place in the search engines, any pages that 3 Media Web builds will adhere to search engine best practices, including clean coding to W3C standards, page titles, and meta descriptions. The result is better searches with high search engine rankings and no loss in any existing search engine placement.

  • Depending on the search term and budget, there’s always a way to obtain the No. 1 spot on Google search. The question is, can you do it with the budget you have allocated to your digital-growth campaign? That’s a great question and one we would love to answer, so hop on a call with us today to review your digital marketing strategy.

  • Developing a digital marketing strategy and engaging in an integrated digital marketing plan is the best method to gain leads to grow your business. You will also need a partner who has the design, tech, and analytics chops to be able to pull off a successful digital marketing plan that creates revenue growth and positive ROI. Need help generating more leads? Give us a call today.

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