• 3 Media Web offers three levels of business hosting to support the websites we build, maintain, and promote. Our basic small-business hosting package starts at $60 per month. From there pricing increases depending on site complexity, traffic load, and platform requirements.

  • We use the Pantheon.io platform for secure, fast business website hosting. This platform ensures your website can support high volumes of traffic while remaining protected from malicious entities. Pantheon offers high-performance caching, 30+ global POPs, and free HTTPS. Pantheon also integrates development, testing, and production environments, including a Git repository, which allows us to manage your website with efficiency and ease.

  • Having a live, working website with a domain name accessible via the internet requires a web hosting service. When you hire anyone to build you a website, you’ll need a hosting server. To make sure your site is always live and working for you and your customers, you want to have a reliable web hosting company.

  • Web hosting can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually. At 3 Media Web, we prefer to charge annually, which means you can pay 11 fewer hosting invoices a year, making life easier for your accountant (and ours).

  • Our web hosting fee includes managing the relationship with our hosting provider and supporting the environment your website lives on, such as keeping it speedy, secure, and accessible. It does not include any regular maintenance you may need on your sites itself, such as plug-in updates, software or theme updates, or content updates. Our support packages allow us to provide proactive support and maintain your website’s integrity.