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Jaco manufactures their own line of medical computer carts and other point-of-care products to support electronic health records (EHR) initiatives and prides themselves on their products delivering ease of use, durability, reliability, and low cost of ownership. 3 Media Web partnered with them to craft a plan for a website design and launch a digital marketing program.

The Challenge

While the existing website had solid elements, certain pages, including the homepage, needed to more clearly communicate the unique capabilities and benefits of the company’s medical computer carts. Jaco also needed to expand their reach and attract more customers to the website and have more engagement with their factory tele-demos.

The Solution

Our team had extensive discussions to gain a deep understanding of the company’s competitive position and build website design and marketing strategies to get Jaco where they wanted to be. We created new web page designs for three key pages to showcase the company’s competitive advantage, implemented new site-wide header and footer, and built a digital marketing campaign to help them gain more traction.

“3 Media Web collaborated with us to bring the power of our brand to the digital world which included website design and development and digital marketing. They have a proven process from start to finish and they’re able to provide the appropriate design and user experience to communicate our true value to the markets we serve. ”

Matt Rossini, Vice President of Marketing

Streamlined Navigation

We simplified the site navigation to make it faster and easier for visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. We also included a prominent call to action in the navigation header to drive more traffic to Jaco’s live factory tele-demos.

Reimagined Home Page

Focusing on the key benefit of Jaco’s products, we designed the homepage to target their three audiences and to showcase their market-leading computer carts. The new page effectively highlights their products and engages site visitors to learn more information.

Jaco Difference Explained

We also took a new approach to the products page, making it more visually interesting and helping direct users to the products meeting their needs. The same design elements were then applied to the new Jaco Difference page which walks site visitors through the key ways the company and its products are truly exceptional.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Jaco’s EVO workstations solve problems for nurses, IT departments, and administrators. We used this to our advantage by creating an advertising approach focusing on the key features and benefits of each of these target audiences. Our website design helped get the word out to these segments, driving awareness and promoting conversion.


These changes and programs were implemented in the second quarter of 2021. By the third quarter of 2021, Jaco has seen website sessions from digital advertising increase 56% and conversions increase by 25%.

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