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Your website and digital marketing are no longer separate activities. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), earned media, email campaigns, website design, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are all inextricably linked. Yet many companies still proceed as though these initiatives reside in separate silos.

Further complicating matters is technology providers are now relying on artificial intelligence to make decisions. This change means that the data previously used to drive decisions is no longer accessible.

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Digital Experience Optimization (DXO) is the answer

Rather than keeping your digital marketing and web development teams separated, DXO aims everyone’s efforts towards a single goal: helping the customer solve their problem in the most enjoyable way possible.

SEO, web design, content, user experience, and paid and earned media must be considered together. When all digital elements work in harmony to make a great user experience, you will outshine your competition.

Center your digital initiatives on the user, not on your business

Here’s how 3 Media Web will evolve your approach and keep you ahead of the competition:


Inspire action and convert visitors to leads.

The right design engages the user and guides them through their journey. Create an agile site blueprint that can grow with your prospects, your customers, and your business. Show that your site is a resource for users, and design the site to meet users where they want to be now.

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Great websites and marketing require real technical expertise.

Websites designed and built by 3MW draw users in and keep them there with fast load time, intuitive navigation, and content that delivers the information users are hungry for. They perform well on Core Web Vitals, are dialed in to support SEO, and crafted to present the best experience.

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Give the user what they crave–when and where they want it.

As advertising enters a cookieless future, personalization and smart targeting remain critical. We help you stay on top of machine learning algorithms. Together we craft a plan to move away from manually-targeted PPC and towards a people-driven approach prioritizing buyer experiences.

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