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Your website hosting, maintenance and support partners secure the foundation of your online business ecosystem. Without the right infrastructure, your target audience’s website experience could be less than ideal, with dismal page speeds or even full-blown outages. We provide a smooth digital experience for your site’s visitors.

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Maintain A More Reliable Website

When your target audience lands on your website, it’s imperative that it delivers a positive experience, solidifying your business as worthy of their trust. Also your website needs to work the same way, and drive the same desired actions no matter the device or browser used to access your content. We can help.

Better WordPress Performance

Website performance informs the digital experience of your users and your organic search performance. Customers or site crawlers who find low-quality content, slow page speeds, or glitchy UX send signals to the rest of the internet to stay away. Our stable, fast, and effective website maintenance and support services act as a green light to your website, with a positive digital experience that delights and satisfies user intent.

Expert WordPress Maintenance and Support

Different websites have different needs, and our technical services team has maintaned and supported them all. We have a track record of managing websites during a crisis, adapting to rapidly-changing business needs, and stepping up when your business needs to grow. Whether it is ad hoc requests or routine website maintenance and support, 3 Media Web will be there for you.

3 Media Web is an extension of your team.

Our Web Support and Hosting services are customized to cover the level of service you need.

All of our support and hosting packages provide:

  • Easy access to our expert technical support team
  • Fast, secure, business-grade website hosting
  • High-performance caching, 30+ global POPs, and free HTTPS
  • Development, testing, and production environments, including a Git repository

We can also help you:


3 Media Web offers three levels of business hosting to support the websites we build, maintain, and promote. Our basic small-business hosting package starts at $60 per month. From there, pricing increases depending on site complexity, traffic load, and platform requirements.

We use the and WP Engine platform for secure, fast enterprise website hosting. These platforms ensure your website can support high volumes of traffic while remaining protected from malicious entities. Pantheon and WP Engine offer high-performance caching, 30+ global POPs, and free HTTPS. Both platforms also integrate development, testing, and production environments, including a Git repository, allowing us to manage your website efficiently and easily.

Having a live, working website with a domain name accessible via the internet requires a web hosting service. When you hire anyone to build you a website, you’ll need a hosting server. To ensure your site is always live and working for you and your customers, you want to have a reliable web hosting company.

Web hosting can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. At 3 Media Web, we prefer to charge annually, which means you can pay 11 fewer hosting invoices a year, making life easier for your accountant (and ours).

Our web hosting fee includes managing the relationship with our hosting provider and supporting the environment your website lives on, such as keeping it speedy, secure, and accessible. It does not include any regular maintenance you may need on your websites themselves, such as plug-in updates, software or theme updates, or content updates. Our support packages allow us to provide proactive support and maintain your website’s integrity.

3 Media Web provides various website design, development, marketing services, and support services that can be rolled under one retainer agreement. Whether it is ongoing website changes, some custom integration or features, help with your online marketing services, or technical support on your website, we have the team and expertise to be your one-stop-shop. You will sleep well knowing we can handle all things under one roof in a timely and quality manner.

3 Media Web can support you in the following capacities: design, WordPress, email, Google Analytics, reporting, and digital marketing. Examples include training, support on technical updates, plugins, integrations, email newsletters, social media integrations, form development, new pages, and more.

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