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Web Design and Development

Responsive web design should resonate with the target audiences driving business revenue, not the tire-kickers simply browsing. Utilize custom web development and design, with the power to explore new market opportunities, with peace-of-mind security and website accessibility baked right in.

Create, launch, and maintain an engaging web presence

Crafting a strong, viable web presence is an important step to building a successful company in this digital age. We can help you connect data to every important user touchpoint and make sure that your site evolves as your customers’ needs change.

Reach More Users with Custom Web Design

Consider how the target audience looking for your products or services will think about your business when they land on your website. No matter the device or browser they use to access your content, it’s critical that it works the same way and inspires engagement.

Construct a More Effective Website

Ensure your website does more for your business than splash your brand colors across a small corner of the internet. Develop a relationship with your customers through site features, functionality, or applications that keep them engaged with your business.

Use Better Tools to Boost Efficiency

When there are seven different ways to do the same thing, you need a partner who can help you choose the tools that quickly get results and meet your budgetary requirements. Your workflow should get an upgrade from software integrations rather than cause you to reinvent your process to match a tool.

Secure More Reliable Website Infrastructure

When your target audience lands on your website, it must deliver a positive experience, solidifying your business worthy of their trust. Also, your website needs to work the same way and drive the same desired actions no matter the device or browser used to access your content. We can help.

Keep All of Your Users In Mind

More equitable, equal digital experiences make the internet a better place for all. Your website shouldn’t cater to any single group online but instead, focus on being inclusive to let your full audience access your content. Our teams work hard to pass rigorous accessibility standards throughout every stage of our proven development process.

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After nearly 20 years, we have a proven process for launching successful projects. We create beautiful, easy-to-navigate websites that are responsive on all devices and easy to manage and that will impress your customers and help grow your business to the next level.

Our strategy for designing a successful website starts with collaboration. During this phase, our team works with the client to define the website’s creative strategy. We also conduct a thorough competitive and industry analysis. Then we create an overall plan, including a project timeline and a list of site features, to make sure the project meets expectations and stays on time and budget.

Once the design process is complete, development begins. We custom-code features and set up a back-end management experience that is straightforward and logical. Additionally, we prepare the site to work beautifully on all major browsers and ensure your content writing is search engine friendly.

Every project goes through a rigorous QA process to make sure your site performs flawlessly and gives you peace of mind. Our QA team reviews every aspect of your website to make sure it loads fast, looks good, and makes sense to your customers.

We make launching your new website easy! We seamlessly migrate the site from our development environment to live servers. Once the site is launched, we provide thorough training on using your website’s content management system.

Unlike many web agencies, our relationship with clients doesn’t end when their site launches. We continue to partner long-term to make sure your website looks beautiful and functions properly. We manage web hosting and support, so you don’t have to sweat the details of maintaining a website. And we make sure your website is helping your business grow.

The typical discovery and design process depends on the size and scope of the project and how quickly the client can review and approve changes. The average discovery and design process is 4-6 weeks.

When you hire 3 Media Web to become your dedicated web partner and commit to a monthly web support agreement, you will receive priority support throughout the year for changes and modifications to your website. 3 Media Web will also proactively monitor your site and apply WordPress security, bug, and feature-related updates.

A new website built by 3 Media Web will positively impact your SEO ranking. To organically place in the search engines, any pages that 3 Media Web builds will adhere to search engine best practices, including clean coding to W3C standards and SEO-friendly page titles and meta-descriptions. Additionally, we will apply page caching, image optimization to ensure quick-loading pages, Google PageSpeed Insights testing, and Pingdom Speed Test testing.

3 Media Web has developed many websites compliant with GDPR, CCPA, WCAG, and others.

Here are some blog posts about them:

Of course! Our team provides individualized training so you can make updates to your website backend on your own. This training is customized based on your skill level and needs for updating.