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Hum Capital connects companies with investors and lenders to make funding equitable, efficient, and accessible. Through creating and launching the Intelligent Capital Market, an AI-powered funding platform, Hum offers companies a single destination where they can understand all their financing options and make the best choice for their business. 3 Media Web reimagined their digital presence and took their website to the next level.

The Challenge

With the company evolving and the brand moving in a new direction, the existing website no longer met the organization’s needs. Poor user experience, lack of functionality, slow site speed, and an incongruent design all contributed to poor engagement and conversion.

The Solution

Moving from an outdated legacy website, our team collaborated with Hum to create a modern design that makes the right impression.

“It’s been a really great experience and we’re looking forward to creating two fantastic new sites.”

Brandon Bell, Digital Marketing Manager

Clean, Updated Design

3 Media Web worked closely with the client to dial in the design and ensure all elements portrayed the recently modified brand direction. The new blue color pallet better aligns with the target demographic. Other animation effects and graphical treatments capture attention, foster engagement, and ensure the site’s content is easy to consume.

Thoughtful Page Layouts

We also paid close attention to what Hum wanted to convey and to the messaging, being mindful to center what the company does, informing site visitors, and supporting the customer journey. Placement of page elements and relevant calls to action all play a key role in the new website. We designed thoughtful wireframes to help clients understand how their content would fit on each page, which you can see below:

Elevated Functionality

As part of implementing all new page layouts, we vastly improved user experience, including mobile UX. We added search functionality, streamlined calls to action, and provided WordPress training to ensure the client holds the knowledge necessary to update the site as they like.


The revamped site has had an immediate impact, and the client is thrilled. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, site traffic is rising, and the bounce rate is lower. Perhaps most importantly, engagement measured with conversion rate is higher.

Moving forward, we continue to collaborate with Hum as we work on developing their CapitalWise site.

increase in web traffic
jump in conversion rate

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