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LuminUltra is a biological diagnostic testing company that is a global leader in developing tests and reagents for environmental, industrial, and diagnostic monitoring. The company needed to upgrade its online presence to respond to greatly increased traffic after becoming a key supplier of COVID-19 clinical testing supplies to the Government of Canada and to promote other key product developments. The 3 Media Web team collaborated with them to visualize and quickly launch a reimagined biotech website.

The Challenge

A dated digital presence was not helping the company as it was making waves and looking to engage prospects and educate other site visitors. As we were working on the website design project, LuminUltra was gaining media attention for its role in environmental testing during the pandemic. We had to move fast and be agile as the project shifted and grew.

The Solution

This initial project started out relatively small with updating the navigation, homepage, and messaging–but once we were in the initial concepting, additional needs were uncovered which resulted in a complete website renovation, including new page structures, a reimagined resources section, and all new content throughout the site. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work to deliver the vastly expanded scope in a short time.

Design Overhaul

The new website needed a fresh design and copy approach to easily communicate LumniUltra’s innovative technology and its benefits. The clean new design spotlights products and makes it simple for site visitors to scan and read key information. Modular content bands were created to make it possible for the company to easily manage content updates with applied design.

Easy-to-Navigate Resources

One of the goals for the website design was to make the resources, events, and blogs much easier to navigate. Some of the updates we implemented included updating the blog archive and individual blog pages, creating a webinar band to make events easier to find and search, and reorganizing the navigation of resources. We added tagging functionality for more robust categorization and usability.

Appeal to Different Audiences

The new site also needed to speak to various audiences and still deliver technical content to others. The new navigation addressed the needs of all the different types of site visitors by incorporating a technology section for a deep-dive on technical matters, a solution section for application-based searches, and easy to scan page structures with fresh, succinct yet informative content.

Demanding Project Timeline

This was most certainly not an average project. The company was moving so quickly and growing so fast as they ramped up to meet new testing needs–and the 3 Media Web team kept pace with them to deliver what they needed, when they needed it. As our project contacts shifted to focus on other organizational needs, we held momentum and delivered on our commitment to meet the aggressive deadline initially promised.

The Results

The newly organized admin interface and content structure template makes it easier for LuminUltra to create new pages and update old ones. Site visitors are also getting what they need from the site due to the improved navigation and layout. Just a month after launch, the new LuminUltra site is seeing the benefits of our work, including:

increase in search impressions
The average position for all keywords – an improvement from 13

Increase in the number of ranking keywords
Increase in the number of pages indexed

We’re excited to watch the metrics increase as the LuminUltra site continues to climb in page ranking, earning even. more traffic over time.

“I really feel that 3MW has become a true partner over the past few months. Your positive attitude is recognized and deeply appreciated.”

Jessica Stutt, Director, Communications & Marketing

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