• Hardinge, Inc. is the leading international manufacturing provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions. The company provides a full spectrum of highly reliable CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines, as well as technologically advanced workholding and machine tool accessories. Its global footprint spans 65 countries and 6 continents and works in the aerospace/defense, automotive, medical, and mold & die industries.

  • With rapid growth, a series of acquisitions and various well-known brands under the company’s umbrella, Hardinge was challenged with managing over 25 different websites, many operating as stand alone entities across various regions in the world. Hardinge wanted to create one global website that would unite all the Hardinge brands and provide one global brand identity. A key goal was to centralize its various sites, improve key customer touch points, and make it easier for customers and OEMs to do business with them. In addition, they wanted a site that could grow as Hardinge adds new brands while maintaining their individuality. Hardinge also wanted to create a consistent message and increase visibility for the company with a PR program.

  • 3 Media Web was brought in by Red Javelin Communications, a marketing & PR agency focused on emerging growth, B2B, and industrial companies, to handle the website redesign, Red Javelin was charged with helping to centralize the company’s global marketing efforts, new messaging, website content, as well as to provide ongoing PR support.

    “When we needed to choose a partner to work with us on this large website project, 3 Media Web was the obvious and easy choice for us,” said Dana Harris, co-founder and principal at Red Javelin. “Their process, creativity and ‘do what it takes’ attitude worked to meet the needs of a global manufacturing business with thousands of SKUs, multiple language requirements, and a tight deadline.”

    Red Javelin worked to identify key buyer personas and developed a messaging blueprint as a basis for the company’s corporate communications. 3 Media Web inventoried all the Hardinge company websites to create a master template to ensure that the required functionalities for all brands were included in the new website. The master template features “modules” with specifications for images, text, page bands, sliders, testimonials – everything needed to design a page. Red Javelin worked to refine the navigation to be more aligned with its personas, was involved in project and client management, and created new website content across the new site.

    To achieve the client’s goal to add foreign language translations for the company’s international audience, 3 Media Web included a prompt on the new website for the visitor to select a region and one of 10 languages, including 4 Asian languages for those in countries where Hardinge, Inc. has had the most growth in the last decade. Foreign language translations were achieved with an integration to a cloud-based translation service that localizes all their content.

    The Hardinge, Inc. website includes common customer support and e-commerce operations. A band above the web footer lists the Hardinge brands and each is a link to that company’s page with information on the products, specifications, features, and controls. There is a call-to-action for those with questions and links to request a quote, visit the online store, or telephone the company. The footer also includes a button link to “Shop Hardinge.”

    The Hardinge master website is easy-to-navigate and has the flexibility to add products and pages that maintain a uniform design and provide the specific functions each newly acquired company requires. The new website conveys the comprehensive story of Hardinge, Inc. whose expansion is worldwide and growing.

    Allan Snider, Global Marketing Director of Hardinge, Inc., said, “3 Media Web is a very talented and responsive web company. (They) helped create a very complex website for us and they continue to help in improving the site.”

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