Life at 3 Media Web

Daily life at 3 Media Web is always exciting. From winning awards to launching projects and participating in team and client events, there is never a dull day in our Marlborough, MA office.

Be a part of our daily journey as we navigate the sea of agency growth!!



Life at 3 Media Web

Strengthening Your Team Through Employee Advocacy: Insights from an Account Manager at 3 Media Web

Companies constantly seek unique ways to stand out in today’s digital landscape, where fierce competition and brand reputation are everything....

Life at 3 Media Web

April Fools! 2024 Website Trends that Make the 3 Media Web Team Giggle with Joy

Website design or digital marketing trends posts come out every year, but often, the trends predicted are already passing out...

Life at 3 Media Web

Women Supporting Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Picture a hard-hitting, competitive tackle football game. Now, envision a board room filled with technology executives. Chances are the individuals...

Life at 3 Media Web

Introducing Majo Aparicio, Web Design Superstar

“It’s great to be involved in projects from the start and learn directly from clients what they need and want...

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Support Engineer Jonathan ‘Finn’ Finnegan

Finn recently joined our team and is fast at work digging in and helping customers. As to why he goes...

Life at 3 Media Web

Meet Eric Wholley, Head of Digital Solutions

Eric is a seasoned digital marketing executive with very diverse career experience. We’re thrilled he’s joined our team, and he’s...

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Our New Leadership Team

3 Media Web continues to grow and evolve as we work to provide even better services and solutions to our...

Life at 3 Media Web

Introducing a New AI Tool for Web Designers & Developers: Chat3MW

With the insane popularity of new tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, the brilliant...

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Web Design Ace Shawn Tarr

Since Shawn joined our team a couple of months ago, he has been hard at work applying his considerable talents...

Life at 3 Media Web

A New Chapter for My Company: Why I’m Passing the Torch

Marc Avila announces that current CEO Jessica Hennessey and CFO Mary Novick will be taking over the reins as the new owners of 3 Media Web.

Life at 3 Media Web

New Owners of 3 Media Web Lead Digital Agency into the Future

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  New Owners of 3 Media Web Lead Digital Agency into the Future Quality of work, exceptional customer...

Life at 3 Media Web

Introducing Brittany Meyers, Account Management Pro

Since joining our team in September, Brittany has been working hard to serve our clients and ensure their digital marketing...

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