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Life at 3 Media Web

Fun Summer Plans of the 3 Media Web Team

Summer is finally here and the 3 Media Web team couldn’t be happier. Our gardens are thriving, the sun is...

Digital Marketing

Google is Sunsetting UA, Get Started with Google Analytics 4 Today

The new Google Analytics 4 is going to change the way businesses think about marketing to their customers online. Get started today.

Web Design

10 Resources to Get You Started with Inclusive Web Design

Inclusive web design blends web best practices and standards on website accessibility to create a design that works for everyone.

Digital Marketing

How to Improve Converting MQLs to SQLs to Close

Your business could be generating hundreds of leads every month, but if few are turning into actual customers, then you need to reassess your strategies to shorten the sales cycle and improve conversion rates. This blog will discuss how to convert more leads with tips from 3 Media Web below.

Web Design

How Website Wireframes Help You Design a Smarter Site

Find out how website wireframes can help your website design process, and your teams, build smarter websites with better bones.

Web Design

Digital Experience Optimization Requires More Thoughtful Information Architecture

It may seem simple to layout a website’s information architecture, but oftentimes a company’s website is designed to fit the content first, not solve customer problems.

Digital Marketing

Finish Your Year with a Marketing Audit Deep-Dive

Over the next few weeks as you recover from the holidays and the end of the year push, set aside...

Web Maintenance

Why You Should Bake Website Accessibility Into Your Website Design Process

Not only is an accessible web design more inclusive, reaching more people on the internet, but it’s also more likely to be a beautiful design.

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies Powered by Digital Marketing

Focus your digital marketing efforts on not only generating traffic to your website, but turning that traffic into qualified, high-quality leads.

Digital Marketing

Continue Optimizing Your Customer Experience After The Conversion

Digital experience optimization doesn’t end when a website visitor converts into a qualified lead.


How to Diversify Your Organic Search With Bing and DuckDuckGo

Diversifying your organic search campaign with Bing and DuckDuckGo lessens the impact of Google’s algorithm updates, not to mention increase your organic traffic overall.

Digital Marketing

Why You Should Bring Your Sales Team Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your sales teams are often in direct contact with your target clients or customers, so it makes sense to bring them into the room when planning your digital marketing strategy.

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