Create a 90 Day Plan to Power Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With everyone you need to do to market your business online these days, it’s tricky to keep track of it all. Especially if your team is small or if you’re doing it all by yourself, staying organized and aligned with your goals is crucial to making any progress throughout the quarter.

That’s why, here at 3 Media Web, we organize all of your digital marketing strategies, for clients and our own agency’s marketing, into 90 Day Plans. That way, we can keep all of the organic, paid, and website strategies aligned into one cohesive force.

Make sure your business continues growing online by aligning your digital marketing strategy into a 90 Day Plan. Here’s how to get started:

Keep Your Long-Term Organic Strategy Focused

When planning a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you often think long-term. That means tactics and progress can be tough to measure in the short term––what should you do this quarter that will help your website grow through organic search sometime next quarter or even next year?

We align all our tactics within a 90 Day Plan against our most important business goals. That way, when deciding between different strategies, the path forward is a little clearer.

Align Your Paid Strategy to Business Goals

It’s easy for different campaigns to lose focus and get lost on their priorities, like a paid campaign only looking to drive the most amount of traffic to a site possible. However, aligning your paid strategy to the same 90 Day Plan that your other digital marketing strategies are tied to will help you maintain focus on business goals simultaneously.

Instead of organizing your campaigns around traffic or leads, maybe the business goals for this quarter are to focus the budget on saving it for a different time of year when your audience is more engaged. The 90 Day Plan can help you or your team remember to either reduce your budget this quarter or limit your cost-per-click (CPC) for your campaigns to maintain business priorities.

Tie Your Campaigns Back to Your Website Strategy

It always helps to have a home base, especially when marketing your business online. Tying all of your digital marketing campaigns to the same business goals, and using your website as the central point of contact for your business, can help to keep your audience closest to your business.

Overspending on other platforms, such as social media campaigns, keeps your audience and the conversation about your business away from your website. By relating your marketing strategies to your website, potential customers will know the best way to reach you, what your business offers, and the easiest next step to use your products or services.

Track Your Strategy to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing is hard enough as it constantly evolves from year to year and even quarter to quarter. Keeping track of all your tactics: organic, paid, and website strategies, is simpler when you organize your goals and tasks together into a 90 Day Plan. 3 Media Web uses it for all our clients and business because it’s the smartest way to keep audiences engaged and growing online.

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