Introducing Majo Aparicio, Web Design Superstar

“It’s great to be involved in projects from the start and learn directly from clients what they need and want in web design. I love asking all the questions that should be asked and getting all the information required to do a great job.” ––Majo Aparicio, Senior Web Designer, 3 Media Web

Design is in her DNA

“As a kid, I was really into art and design because my dad is a graphic designer. I learned a lot from him,” Majo shares. “When I was 13, I wanted to study graphic design.” She made that dream a reality by studying at Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri, and receiving her BFA in graphic design with a minor in marketing and MFA in web, digital/multimedia, and information resources design.

Throughout her professional career, she’s worked at marketing and advertising agencies, including various internships, giving her much design experience. While she was working, she realized that web design was her passion. “Being able to design something that someone can interact with on a day-to-day basis and find visually appealing and something that will captivate people digitally, that called to me,” she states. “I also like that the field is expanding and changing, which keeps things interesting.”

Opportunity to grow as a designer

Late last year, Majo realized she wanted a change in her professional life. “I started looking at jobs to see if I could find something that would help me evolve as a designer and allow me to work from home—which is just so much better for my productivity. And that’s when I found 3 Media Web,” Majo says. She was excited that the position focused on web design and thrilled when the agency’s reviews signaled an open, inviting, and collaborative work environment.

“This role has the opportunity to grow into a leadership position in the future, and I find that exciting,” she continues. “I want to be able to help other designers in the same way that I was helped. I owe everything I know now to the people who taught me.” Speaking of which, when she’s not designing stellar websites for our clients, she’s an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University, teaching design classes.

From Panama City to Saint Louis

Born and raised in Central America, Majo moved to the United States, Virginia, in 2013 to finish her last year and a half of high school. She grew up speaking both English and Spanish and is fluent in both.

These days, she and her fiance, BJ, are happy to call Saint Louis home. They’re tying the knot on March 22 of this year. “Planning is going really well. I am designing everything I can, from invites to signs and programs. I can’t wait for the big day.”

She and BJ share a passion for working out and met at their local CrossFit gym. When they’re not at the gym, they love to travel and have visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Punta Cana, Florida, Nashville, and Panama. Jamaica for a honeymoon and glamping in Big Sur are two destinations on this year’s calendar.

When she’s not hitting CrossFit or traveling, she likes to bake, watch true crime documentaries and scary movies, and listen to podcasts. And she is obsessed with candles. We’re really looking forward to Majo lighting up her design skills and helping illuminate our clients’ visions. Welcome, Majo.

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