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Life at 3 Media Web

Meet Our New Project Manager, Kelly Koch

Whether supporting local folks, caring for her creatures, or shepherding projects to completion, Kelly brings dedication and enthusiasm.

Life at 3 Media Web

Introducing Sean Greene, Director of Sales

Sean Greene, Director of Sales, has pretty cool and unique sales-related experience.

Case Studies

Bringing Blood to Life With a Brand New Website

Rather than creating 1000-page PowerPoint presentations, the client needed an easier way to present all things blood to the world via a brand new website.

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Director of Digital Experience Robert Mohns

Robert hails from Kentucky, but having moved to New England in first grade, he is a Yankee now. He's been taking a deep look at user experience and how that impacts content and engagement.

Case Studies

Website Redesign Improves SEO & Brings More Leads to California Law Offices

Our client, the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hunt, are California-based attorneys with 11 offices across the state.

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Step Schwarz: Director of All Things Technical

Let’s give a hearty welcome to Step Schwarz. He joined the 3 Media Web team in early June and has...

Case Studies

Arcade Snacks Ups their Game with 3 Media Web

The combined PPC and SEO campaigns resulted in such a sharp increase in business that Arcade Snacks had to make adjustments on their end to keep up with the demand.

Life at 3 Media Web

Meet Kim Carr Brache: Marketing Maven and Master WordPress Project Manager

Join us in welcoming Kim to the 3 Media Web WordPress project manager team! We're excited to have her keep projects on time and on budget.

Life at 3 Media Web

Get to Know Ginny Copeman, Digital Experience Support Coordinator

Ginny earned an A.S. degree in Graphic Design and a B.S. degree in IT, which gives her a mix of tech-savviness and an artistic eye for detail.


3 Media Web Announced as a 2021 National and Local Excellence Award Winner by UpCity!

UpCity scores more than 70K service providers and acknowledges the top national and local providers with an Excellence Award and we made it!

Life at 3 Media Web

Get To Know Ramsey Roberts: Digital Strategist

We're happy to introduce Ramsey Roberts, our new digital strategist, to the digital marketing team here at 3 Media Web!

Digital Marketing

How To Build An Effective Call To Action

Putting your CTA somewhere in the body of your webpage, below the fold, you can prime visitors (so to speak) with content that’s related to your CTA. Inline CTA can be in blog posts or dispersed throughout some of the main pages of your site.

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