Meet Eric Wholley, Head of Digital Solutions

Eric is a seasoned digital marketing executive with very diverse career experience. We’re thrilled he’s joined our team, and he’s already hard at work crafting solutions to support the goals of our prospective and existing clients.

“I’m always thinking through the details of a project or campaign to help ensure success and satisfaction. My structured, methodical approach helps me internalize your immediate needs and end outcomes.” Eric Wholley, Head of Digital Solutions, 3 Media Web

Achieving objectives and growing businesses

With over 27 years of marketing experience, including 18 years with agencies, Eric has a diverse background, working in corporate environments and for global clients, national companies, and the little shop around the corner. His work has spanned industries including professional services, technology, consumer, e-commerce, healthcare, pharma, travel and hospitality, higher education, and more. “My whole mission has been around growing things—fostering growth with my employers’ businesses and substantially growing revenue for clients,” shares Eric.

Starting out, Eric co-founded a print shop where one of his clients can be credited for opening his mind to digital marketing. He then went back to school to study marketing at Emerson College. Since then, his continued curiosity and love of learning all the facts have served him well. “It is about people,” he says. “The feedback I consistently get from clients is that I listen, add value to the shaping and planning of things, and bring a vision into reality.”

Teamwork and culture are winning ingredients

Recently, Eric decided he wanted to make a change. “I was looking for a place that fostered a deep sense of team. One of Marc Avila’s LinkedIn posts inspired me: ‘People ask me the two most important things about running an agency. They are: number one, love your customer; number two, love your team’. That is the most concise and powerful way of describing why I wanted to work for 3 Media Web.”

As Head of Digital Solutions, Eric will focus on helping to ensure every client has the absolutely best digital marketing solution for their specific situation. “First and foremost, I want to respect and reinforce the amazing culture that is 3 Media Web. And then, I’m looking to be instrumental in helping the agency achieve its goals. The way that agencies grow isn’t just the result of new business. It’s primarily the culture and the work quality that make this agency stand out to its clients.”

The heart and soul of a New Englander

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Eric now lives west of Boston with his lovely wife of 20 years, Suzanne, whom he met at an American Marketing Association networking meeting. “Marketing brought us together. We still share ideas and offer each other insight—and that’s been extremely helpful to us both as we move forward in our careers.”

Tessa and Sophia, his two teenage daughters, and Leo, his rescue pup that he says “looks like if Arnold Schwarzenegger was a dachshund,” keep him busy. When he’s not walking Leo through the neighborhood, you might find Eric hosting a bocce tournament in his yard, helping his daughters plan their next steps, or packing up the car for their next adventure.

He and his family love to alpine ski, favoring the slopes in North Conway, New Hampshire. In the summer, they spend a few weeks enjoying everything Martha’s Vineyard offers, returning refreshed to tackle whatever challenges present themselves.

“I’m passionate about wanting to do everything I can to help the 3 Media Web team succeed. Whatever I can do to help make that a reality, that’s what I’m all about,” he concludes. We’re looking forward to all the great things ahead with Eric on our side as he collaborates with our clients, prospects, and internal teams to build impactful solutions and help everyone achieve their goals.

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