Get to Know Our New Leadership Team

3 Media Web continues to grow and evolve as we work to provide even better services and solutions to our clients. Our team is now 23 people strong, including eight hires since 2022. As part of that growth, we’re happy to announce the advancement of some of our key players to the newly created leadership team.

While our executive team comprised of our CEO/Owner, Jess Hennessey; CFO/Owner, Mary Inman; Chief Helper/Founder, Marc Avila; and Director of Employee Success, Sara Spector-Brown, will continue to guide the agency on strategic matters, the new leadership team will focus on team strategy and addressing day-to-day matters.

A dynamic representation of the 3 Media Web ecosystem

Meet the people who will continue to prioritize our clients, helping their organizations shine. All three of these team members possess a long-term vision of the company and are committed to meeting internal and external demands.

Stephanie Smith, Director of Business Operations

As the newly appointed Director of Business Operations, Stephanie wants to make things run more smoothly, find smarter ways to work, and help the company grow. By bringing together her know-how and rolling up her sleeves with the team, she’s confident that she can make a difference.

She shares, “I’m looking forward to finding better ways to do things by looking at how we work now and using data to make smart choices.” Stephanie wants to keep the agency strong and the collaborative spirit thriving. “I want our team to rock at what we do. I know we’ll get great results by being efficient, working together, making informed choices, and never stopping our improvements.”

Kim Carr Brache, Sr. Manager Professional Services

In her new role, Kim will lead the charge to ensure we continue to deliver great products and services. She will direct efforts in project management, web design, digital marketing, and 3 Media Web’s internal marketing. “I’m excited to work with the teams to elevate our services, identify opportunities, and provide solutions,” she states.

As Kim works to document and improve processes, she can look closer at our services with an eagle eye to elevate what we do. “A main goal of mine is to align and represent the teams I’ll be working with,” she says. “Everyone plays a key role 3 Media Web, so it’s important that there are opportunities to be heard and that the team can learn and grow with each other.”

Step Schwarz, Director of Technology

While Step has been our Director of Technology since he joined our team in 2021, he now will have more visibility. While Step has been our Director of Technology since he joined our team in 2021, his purview will now include tech services, web solutions, and development.

He shares, “We live in a world where seismic shifts are the norm. Consider how much has changed recently regarding AI, privacy, security, etc. The social media landscape is radically different today than just a few months ago. I see my expanded role as a means to bring all our technical resources under one roof, where we can work together to face these opportunities and challenges head-on. Ultimately, my goal is to keep our clients—and ourselves—ahead of the curve. No small feat!”

Jess and Mary will join Stephanie, Kim, and Step on this new leadership team. With their respective roles, they will collectively represent all of the services delivered at 3MW, ensuring a focus on the client experience and the internal processes that provide them. Clients have always been our top priority, and this structure will ensure that it remains true.

Join us in congratulating Stephanie, Kim, and Step! We’re excited for this next chapter in our agency’s evolution. Stay tuned to see what other great things we have in store.

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